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Written by Steve Faber

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4) Different lighting scenes can be preset for different events such as entertaining, away, coming home, etc. This is excellent to recall favorite lighting levels automatically. It also avoids you having to go throughoutrepparttar home and set dimmer levels. Dimming lights saves considerable energy and dramatically extendsrepparttar 150255 life of light bulbs. An incandescent light at 90% will last almost twice as long asrepparttar 150256 same light at 100%.

5) Motion-activated lighting automatically turns onrepparttar 150257 bathroom lights to 25% if you get up between 12:00 midnight and 5:00am, avoiding harsh light on your still sleepy eyes. If you walk out of your bedroom door late at night, a path is lit torepparttar 150258 kitchen for you at 35%.

6) You get an email notifying you if your security system is tripped or disarmed. This is great for knowing when kids get home after school or alerting you to problems when you are away from home. E-mail and pager alerts can be used for a variety of conditions that may need monitoring such as low fuel-oil, occupancy or motion in certain areas, or water leaks inrepparttar 150259 mechanical or utility room.

7) Skylights automatically close in response to rain and/or wind.

8) If upstairs windows are open,repparttar 150260 heat in those rooms is disabled to avoid wasting energy and a message is displayed onrepparttar 150261 home’s touch panels to alert you.

9) Weather information can be displayed onrepparttar 150262 home’s touch panels. Ifrepparttar 150263 wind speed increases to beyond 50mph, protective shutters can be activated overrepparttar 150264 windows.

10) Motorized window treatments can be lowered automatically in response to direct sunlight. This prevents fading of valuable furniture, carpets and artwork. It also reduces interior heating, reducing AC expenditures.

11) You phone from your car while returning from a ski trip to ensure your hot tub is warmed up and ready to jump in immediately upon your return.

These are just a sample of different home automation applications commonly used to enhance lifestyles, save money and conserve resources. The possibilities are almost endless, limited only by your budget and imagination.

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Plasma TV vs LCD TV

Written by ian tham

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You may also want to factor how long your new display device can last. LCD TVs have a greater life span than plasma TV. They have a life span of 60,000 hours compared to about 30,000 hours for plasma TVs.


Power consumption

Again LCD TV have this advantage over plasma TV. Power consumption for LCD TV is 30% less than plasma TV. With rising oil prices, maybe it is better to get an LCD TV. Further more, plasma TV generate more heat and if you live in an airconditioned home,repparttar air con usage will definitely rise too.


Viewing Angle

If you are going to invite many guest to your homes, a plasma screen will do better. It has a wider viewing angle than LCD TV. Guests can easily view on either left or right side ofrepparttar 150175 Plasma screen without fear of repparttar 150176 loss of image which is inherent of LCD TVs.


Response Time

If you enjoy action movies or sport programmes, plasma TV offer a better deal as it can handle fast moving images better than LCD TVs. Traditionally, Viewers see a blurry moving images for LCD TV . However, this may no longer berepparttar 150177 case asrepparttar 150178 response time for LCD TV has come down to as low as 12 milliseconds.


Burn in effect

Plasma TV suffers from this particular effect called burn in. You get a permanent ghost like image stuck on your screen. This isrepparttar 150179 result when you have static display over a long period of time.

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