Home-Based Business Safety and Security Issues

Written by Vishal P. Rao

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4. The use of legitimate business e-mail addresses. No personal addresses should be used. If a business address is used, it leads clients to believe thatrepparttar business is larger, with more employees present inrepparttar 116820 building.

5. Routine office hours should be kept. Answeringrepparttar 116821 phone and taking orders ONLY within set regular business hours will prevent clients from "showing up onrepparttar 116822 doorstep" after certain hours, and will lend a more professional air to a business.

6. Keeping background noise down during office hours. Clients are quick to "pick up" on background noises. On a professional level, an office should be as quiet as possible, with no interruptions by "family" or "friends". This also is a safety measure, as clients will assumerepparttar 116823 business is strictly unattached fromrepparttar 116824 residence if they sense no background noise.

7. Emergency phone numbers should be posted in clear view. This includes fire, police, and other emergency numbers.

8. A system of "check points" can be established, whereas a friend or family member can regularly call or enterrepparttar 116825 building or home, to determine if all is well.

9. An emergency system needs to be in place. Any unwanted visitors or unwanted attentions by others need to be reported completely and thoroughly to authorities, as soon as these instances occur. This is especially true if threats or accusations occur. Business owners do not need to "put up" with aggression or unwanted visits by clients.

10. Common sense isrepparttar 116826 best detriment to tragedies occurring in a home-based business. Never openrepparttar 116827 door to strangers, never work alone late at night in a deserted area, never deliver anything late at night to a bad neighborhood, or otherwise put yourself or your family in jeopardy. If something doesn't "feel" right, trust your instincts.

As you can see, running a business withinrepparttar 116828 home doesn't need to be fraught by peril. It does require that safety and security measures are implemented, but this is true of any type of business. Remember, "safety first, money later"!

Vishal P. Rao is the editor of http://www.home-based-business-opportunities.com - A website dedicated to opportunities, ideas and resources for starting a home based business. He is also the owner of the http://www.work-at-home-forum.com - an online community of folks who work at home.

Today's Entrepreneur - Promoting Your Business

Written by ReGina Crawford-Martin

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Two: Cold Calls to prospective clients/customers. The nature of your business will determine if and how to make cold calls to potential clients/customers. This type of promotion works best with a service oriented business. If you are in a service oriented business, you can investigate businesses/individuals in your area to see if they currently utilizerepparttar type of service you are offering. If they are utilizingrepparttar 116819 same type of service with another company, then you investigate that company and compare its services to yours in an effort to find out if you can offerrepparttar 116820 potential client/customer more services atrepparttar 116821 same price, orrepparttar 116822 same services at a reduced price. Present your findings, including a chart outliningrepparttar 116823 differences, torepparttar 116824 potential client/customer. Everyone loves feeling they are gettingrepparttar 116825 most for their dollar. If they are not utilizingrepparttar 116826 type of service that you offer, then you put together a proposal outlining how they will save time, materials, or cost by utilizing your services. Again, everyone loves to feel they are gettingrepparttar 116827 most for their dollar. Three: Distribution of Announcements/Advertising. The old fashion flyer/door hanger/postcard, and todayrepparttar 116828 pop-up, on-line banner, or e-mail. The key to successful promotion in this fashion is to makerepparttar 116829 announcement eye-catching without being overwhelming, informational but not read like a book, and simple but not boring. Here to,repparttar 116830 nature of your business will determinerepparttar 116831 type of announcement you create, and how you distribute them. If you are a clown you donít want your announcements to be created in black and white. If youíre offering an exclusive type of service, you donít want to distribute your announcements atrepparttar 116832 local swimming pool.

All three of these promotional techniques can work effectively for any business as long as you keep inrepparttar 116833 forefront of your mindrepparttar 116834 type of product/service you offer, andrepparttar 116835 type of client/customer you are trying to attract. For more detailed information contact G Styl Productions Incorporated at Prod@GStyl.com.

ReGina Crawford was born and raised in Wheeling, West Virginia. ReGina graduated from Central State University, Wilberforce, Ohio in 1990 with a degree in Computer Science. ReGina serves as the 1st Vice President of Women Entrepreneurs of America, Inc., and is also the owner and president of a home-based business Ė G Styl Productions Incorporated. She is also a contributing columnist to the Call and Post with a weekly column titled DNA Level C.

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