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And it's not just celebrities that are knitting and crocheting in record numbers. Manufacturers of yarn and other craft supplies report that sales are way up in recent years. One ofrepparttar best-known yarn manufacturers, Lion Brand, reports that their sales have doubled inrepparttar 145606 last year alone. Granted, celebrities have a lot of money, but still, I donít believe they are solely responsible for Lion Brand's recent success!

Itís hard to know just what may have triggered allrepparttar 145607 recent interest in these activities that have been around for so many years. Some believe thatrepparttar 145608 terrible events on 9/11 have influenced people to focus more on home life and simple, more traditional activities. Others suggest that these activities are a nice contrast and welcome respite from lives that have become far too hectic inrepparttar 145609 wake ofrepparttar 145610 new millennium.

Enthusiasts report that knitting or crocheting can be a very relaxing activity that also provides a nice sense of accomplishment uponrepparttar 145611 completion of a project. Itís also a great way to create gifts for friends of loves ones that have that personal touch Ė so much more so than something purchased atrepparttar 145612 shopping mall.

Some also cherishrepparttar 145613 traditional aspect of these activities and still harbor fond memories of a beloved relative that tookrepparttar 145614 time to pass along a skill that has endured through countless generations. A skill that they intend to pass down to their children as well.

Whateverrepparttar 145615 motivation, thereís no question that these traditional activities are experiencing a revival of sorts. There are many possible explanations, however I suspect that speculation and statistics donít interest these enthusiasts as keenly as their plan forrepparttar 145616 next project they intend to tackle just as soon asrepparttar 145617 finishing touches have been applied torepparttar 145618 current project.

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How to make hoop earrings

Written by Janice

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Now makerepparttar first earring. Threadrepparttar 145343 first set of bead with beading wire. Then back again throughrepparttar 145344 first bead.

Twistrepparttar 145345 2 ends ofrepparttar 145346 wire together to and loop this twisted wire throughrepparttar 145347 hoop inrepparttar 145348 earring casting, hook or finding. If there isn't a loop, then looprepparttar 145349 wire aroundrepparttar 145350 lowest prong ofrepparttar 145351 casting before settingrepparttar 145352 stone intorepparttar 145353 casting and closing uprepparttar 145354 prongs. Close that bottom prong a little loosely to allowrepparttar 145355 hoop to move fluidly.

Twistrepparttar 145356 wire back overrepparttar 145357 top bead to fasten it and cut offrepparttar 145358 excess wire. That's one earring.

Repeat to makerepparttar 145359 second earring.

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