Hollander Consultants Hires Successful Business Owner as New Consultant

Written by Matthew Bratschi

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Ms. Bockus owns a successful private preschool, an infant toddler home and a drug detoxification center. She usesrepparttar administrative systems developed by L. Ron Hubbard in her businesses. Bockus said, “I’ve expanded my businesses torepparttar 136711 point where I’m not really needed to run them on a day-to-day basis. I wanted to join a group that would be great to work with that is doing something I have a passion for. Hollander Consultants is that group.”

Hollander Consultants is one ofrepparttar 136712 leading national consulting firms inrepparttar 136713 United States and Canada forrepparttar 136714 combined dentistry, optometry and veterinary professions, and usesrepparttar 136715 administrative systems developed by business management pioneer, L. Ron Hubbard.

Hollander Consultants was recently named one ofrepparttar 136716 top 50 companies to work for in Oregon by Oregon Business magazine,repparttar 136717 leading publication for Oregon businesses.

Hollander Consultants can be found online at www.hollanderconsultants.com. Hollander Consultants also maintains an online quarterly magazine, Solutions, which is located at www.solutionsmags.com.


Director of Public Affairs

In a Rut? Ready for a Career Change?

Written by Cecile Peterkin

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Take a look at your answers. Is your present career in line with who you are, what you value, and what you are good at? If not, then it is time to make a change.

Once you have established that you are ready for a career change, start thinking about and noticing what you want. If you could do anything, what would you do? By assessing your accomplishments, skills, strengths and weakness you will be able to see a link between what it is that you value, what you are good at, and whererepparttar "juice" is for you - all things that you can turn into a new career. Decide what you want and create your opportunities. MAKE A PLAN. Then, use this plan to switch from resentment in your current job to looking atrepparttar 136546 positives you can take to your new career. What are your transferable skills? What are you learning in your present position that you can take with you? Once you have a plan, stay focused on your intention, and pay attention to opportunities that present themselves. Despite your present frustration and your excitement atrepparttar 136547 possibilities ahead of you, it is natural to feel afraid about starting a new career. Feelrepparttar 136548 fear and do it anyway! Remember,repparttar 136549 power to do so is within you.

Copyright 2004-2005, Cecile Peterkin

Cecile Peterkin is a Certified Career Coach, Retirement Coach and Speaker. With over 17 years of managerial, leadership, empowerment counseling and personal development experience, Cecile specializes in helping Middle Managers overcome the “Middle Syndrome” of being stuck in a middle position in mid-life. To learn more about Cecile, visit her website at http://www.cosmiccoachingcentre.com or call 416-782-5001, Toll-free:1-866-486-4112.

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