Holistic Stress Management

Written by Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

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~Limit your time onrepparttar phone and interactions. Constant talking and interacting can be draining.

~ Take a hot shower or bath without interruptions.

~Listen to soothing music. If music or sound is an irritant for you, then this suggestion is not for you.

~Take a day trip. A short trip to a peaceful place such asrepparttar 126067 ocean, lake, park, zoo, etc. can be very relaxing and soothing. If your health limits allow take a vacation.

~Make lists of chores, activities, tasks, etc. and do them one at a time.

~Participate in activities that are meaningful to you and give purpose to your life.

~Avoid drugs and alcohol. They only mask your symptoms and will intensifyrepparttar 126068 problem inrepparttar 126069 long run.

~Eat a healthy well balanced diet. Avoid caffeine and sugar.

~ Get proper sleep- if you’re sleep deprived you can’t cope well with stress.

~Partake in deep breathing exercises. The breath is a great calming agent.

~Humor is great forrepparttar 126070 soul. Get regular doses.

~Regular exercise burns stress off and helps you cope better.

~Spend time with nature. It nurtures, soothes and feeds.

~Engage in prayer or meditation.

~Take frequent naps or resting periods- Naps can be very rejuvenating.

~Vent emotional stress. Talk it out, write it out or whatever it takes to release it. Don’t let it build.

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Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed. is an author and holistic health counselor helping individuals living with chronic illness or chronic pain to live life to the fullest and find holistic life management strategies.

A Full Moon’s Coming. Use Your EQ and Don’t Turn Into a Werewolf!

Written by Susan Dunn, MA, EQ and Life Coach

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Alan Hirshfeld, professor of physics and astronomy atrepparttar University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, also felt it’s been disproven, but added, I assume without prompting, “People may tend to get more romantically inclined…”

There are also all those theories aboutrepparttar 126066 tides andrepparttar 126067 fact that we humans are 80% water. Cecil Adams, in his “The Straight Dope” ( http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a2_337.html ) points out that other things besidesrepparttar 126068 moon exert influence on us: “Researchers have calculated that a mother holding her baby exerts 12 million timesrepparttar 126069 tide-raising force onrepparttar 126070 child thatrepparttar 126071 moon does, simply by virtue of being closer.”

It sounds likerepparttar 126072 researchers were talking about physical movement. We’re talking about emotions, very watery things indeed. But who exerts more emotional pull on an infant thanrepparttar 126073 mother holding it? You see how complex it all is …

It also should be noted thatrepparttar 126074 nearness ofrepparttar 126075 moon affectsrepparttar 126076 tides, notrepparttar 126077 phase ofrepparttar 126078 moon. Kelly, Rotton, and Culver attributedrepparttar 126079 persistent myths to four things: (1) media effects; (2) folkore and tradition; (3) misconception (i.e.,repparttar 126080 tidal force ofrepparttar 126081 moon depends on its distance from earth, not its phase), and (4) cognitive biases (all bad events don’t occur duringrepparttar 126082 full moon and all events that occur duringrepparttar 126083 full moon aren’t bad!).

So where does Emotional Intelligence come in? Emotions are strong and they’re also contagious. Some of us are more open to “suggestions” than others, and more effected byrepparttar 126084 emotions of those around us, and by tradition,repparttar 126085 media, and so forth. EQ is about self-awareness. I invite you to observe things around this full moon. Self-management is key to emotional intelligence, and related to success in relationships, career, and life, as well as to our wellness. Here’s how it works. IFrepparttar 126086 full moon exerts pressure on us to act irrationally, so do other things, like PMS, heat, toxic people, crowded conditions and stress. IF others around you were to start acting more looney than usual, they also do during conflict, bankruptcy, stock market fluctuations, personal crises, and stress; and,

IF other people ‘believe in’repparttar 126087 lunar effect, it’s part of reality. No matter what ‘effects’ are going, using your EQ can help you function at your best, and manage your environment positively.

The werewolf, metaphorically, is about letting your reptilian brain take over and hijack your reasoning. You get too tired, too hungry, too stressed, or are assaulted, and you turn into a ‘beast,’ yes??

We have to cope with emotional “pulls” allrepparttar 126088 time. Because of our limbic connection with other humans, which is what makes our bonding possible, we can tell what others feel, and it can get to us. Being aware of how you’re affected by other things – people, circumstances, your own emotions, and possibly full moons – is knowledge you can use for better self- and other-management. Then you can respond to circumstances, not just react to them in a knee-jerk, sometimes beastly, fashion, yes?

Doesrepparttar 126089 full moon cause aberrant behavior, including that craziest behavior of all – falling in love? We don’t know. We do knowrepparttar 126090 full moon is beautiful.

I think of a cruise I took during a full moon not long ago. Who wouldn’t fall in love standing onrepparttar 126091 deck of a ship watchingrepparttar 126092 full moon rise overrepparttar 126093 endless ocean with no signs of civilization in sight – fall in love withrepparttar 126094 person standing next to you,repparttar 126095 one you left back home, withrepparttar 126096 night, with life, withrepparttar 126097 wonder of it all? “And allrepparttar 126098 night’s magic seems to whisper and hush. And allrepparttar 126099 soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush.” (Van Morrison, “Moondance”)

It’s your full moon. Make it a good one! Use your EQ.

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