Holistic Junction's Featured School of the Week: Universal Body Wellness Massage School

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

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Licensed byrepparttar Texas Department of Health,repparttar 137531 Texas Rehabilitation Commission; and affiliated withrepparttar 137532 Better Business Bureau andrepparttar 137533 Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals,repparttar 137534 Universal Body Wellness Massage School offers an interest-free financial plan to prospective students.

Holistic Junction is delighted to have Universal Body Wellness Massage School on board and salutes its quality standards for being one of society's vital pioneers and promoters of fine Massage Therapy Education.

To learn more about or to enroll in Universal Body Wellness Massage School, please visit: Universal Body Wellness Massage School today.


To learn more about our, many listed, healing arts schools, visit our Healing Arts Schools Directory


05/09/2005 - Holistic Junction's Featured School ofrepparttar 137535 Week: Universal Body Wellness Massage School by C. Bailey-Lloyd aka. LadyCamelot Public Relations' Director & Writer Holistic Junction -- Your source of information for Holistic Practitioners; Acupuncture Schools, Chiropractic Schools, Massage Therapy Schools, and Reflexology Schools.

C. Bailey-Lloyd aka. LadyCamelot Public Relations' Director & Writer Holistic Junction -- Your source of information for Massage Therapy Schools

A Strong mind has to have a strong body ...doesn't it?

Written by Daviyd Peterson

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Your local YMCA or YWCA can provide a year-round foundation for exercise to keep your children healthy. If this resource isn't reasonably available there are still even more options to provide your children a healthy lifestyles foundation. Martial Arts classes are a great start for children of any age and can help develop not only a healthy body, but a more focused and disciplined mind. Dance classes are an incredible way for your children to have fun and develop strong bodies, many homeschool parents have even exclaimed how their children's have benefited from taking martial arts or performing in a dancenter.

When African American children are taught to focus and learn a new skill, with their flexible and creative minds they begin to transferrepparttar same training to their homeschool studies. Dance classes have many choices to make between modern dance, tap dance, ballet and jazz to name a few. Let's also remember to possibly enroll your children in foundation yoga classes and tumbling classes for flexible minds and bodies.

I personally have a neighborhood resource here in North Texas thru a great professional dance teacher Kristy Jo. She works with children of all ages and has a specific stretch and movement class exclusively for homeschoolers. As we find other resources we will continue to update this incredible info for our children's healthy lifestyle, so don't forget to keep in touch.

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Daviyd Peterson: 10-year consultant, instructor, trainer Helps african american homeschools bridge the digital divide by becoming computer homeschools. Free article on "Computer Homeschooling" and other related articles http://www.homeschoolwireless.com/homeschoolwireless.htm


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