Holistic Junction's Featured School of the Week: Teresa's School of Therapeutic Massage

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

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Teresa's School of Therapeutic Massage also provides workshops and clinics in Introduction to Massage Therapy and Aromatherapy Oils.

Teresa's School of Therapeutic Massage offers a convenient payment plan to prospective students.

Holistic Junction is honored to have Teresa's School of Therapeutic Massage on board and salutes its quality standards for being one of society's vital pioneers and promoters of fine Massage Therapy Education.

To learn more about or to enroll in Teresa's School of Therapeutic Massage, please visit: Teresa's School of Therapeutic Massge today.


To learn more about our, many listed, healing arts schools, visit our Healing Arts Schools Directory


05/17/2005 - Holistic Junction's Featured School ofrepparttar Week: Teresa's School of Therapeutic Massage by C. Bailey-Lloyd aka. LadyCamelot

C. Bailey-Lloyd aka. LadyCamelot Public Relations' Director & Writer Holistic Junction -- Your source of information for Massage Therapy Schools

Consolidate Loans Before the Rate Change!

Written by Vanessa McHooley

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