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Holistic Junction is proud to haverepparttar Pioneer Pacific College on board and salutes its quality standards for being one of society's vital pioneers and promoters of exemplary Massage Therapy Education.

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Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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According to Ralph Juergens:

Professor Bailey, taking exception torepparttar idea that his own work should be abandoned to accomodaterepparttar 136481 anti-Velikovsky forces, prepared an article in rebuttal to Menzel's piece and submitted it to 'Harper's' for publication inrepparttar 136482 same issue with Menzel's. Bailey had discovered a simple arithmetical error in Menzel's calculations, which invalidated his argument.

It is equally interesting to see howrepparttar 136483 Harvard astronomer dealt withrepparttar 136484 fact that most of Velikovsky's predictions had been confirmed. Onrepparttar 136485 radio emissions from Jupiter, he wrote that, since most scientists do not accept Velikovsky's theory then it follows that 'any seeming verification of Velikovsky's prediction is pure chance'. As far asrepparttar 136486 high surface temperature of Venus is concerned, Menzel argued that 'hot is only a relative term'. Later inrepparttar 136487 article he referred back to this statement saying 'I have already disposed ofrepparttar 136488 question ofrepparttar 136489 temperature of Venus'. Actually, in 1950, Menzel had estimatedrepparttar 136490 temperature of Venus to be about 120 degrees Fahrenheit when it is really more like 800 degrees. Onrepparttar 136491 extent ofrepparttar 136492 Earth's magnetic field, Menzel wrote that Velikovsky 'said it would extend as far asrepparttar 136493 moon; actuallyrepparttar 136494 field suddenly breaks off at a distance of several earth diameters'. In fact, Menzel was wrong;repparttar 136495 field had been detected as extending at least {Emphasis} twenty-two Earth radii a year earlier byrepparttar 136496 'Explorer' satellite.

To their credit, a few scientists did support Velikovsky againstrepparttar 136497 climate of hysteria and intimidation including Princeton's Professor H. H. Hess, who was later chairman ofrepparttar 136498 National Academy of Science's space board. In 1962, Princeton physicist Valentin Bargmann and Columbia astronomer Lloyd Motz wrote a joint letter torepparttar 136499 editor of 'Science' magazine calling attention to Velikovsky's priority in predicting Venus's high surface temperature, Jupiter's radio emissions andrepparttar 136500 great extent ofrepparttar 136501 Earth's magnetosphere, but 'Science's' editor Dr Philip Abelson, was not interested in Velikovsky. Instead, he printed a letter from science fiction writer Paul Anderson satirising Velikovsky onrepparttar 136502 grounds that science fiction writers and hoaxers also made fantastic predictions that were sometimes verified. Whenrepparttar 136503 editor of 'Horizon' magazine wrote to Abelson protesting atrepparttar 136504 exclusion of an article by Velikovsky, Abelson replied:

‘Velikovsky is a controversial figure. Many ofrepparttar 136505 ideas that he expressed are not accepted by serious students of earth science. Since my prejudices happen to agree with this majority, I strained my sense of fair play to acceptrepparttar 136506 letter by Bargmann and Motz, and thought thatrepparttar 136507 books were nicely balanced withrepparttar 136508 rejoinder of Anderson.’ (4)

'Scientific American' showed that it had not moved on editorially since it ridiculedrepparttar 136509 Wright Brothers fifty years earlier. The magazine had refused to carry advertising for 'Worlds in Collision' {Forwarded by Einstein I believe} and in 1956 it carried a strongly critical article by physicist Harrison Brown." (5)

One ofrepparttar 136510 reasons for this isrepparttar 136511 fact that Velikovsky's Egyptian chronologies directly refute Biblical history. In fact he destroysrepparttar 136512 whole time or calendrical premises of most history and shows how it is based on three pillars of ignorance. Errors accepted in one branch of academics are picked up by others andrepparttar 136513 whole fiasco is a 'house of cards' with propaganda in mind. When I found his book 'Peoples ofrepparttar 136514 Sea' it was inrepparttar 136515 fiction section of my local library whilerepparttar 136516 other stories and theories which have been proven false over and over again, are inrepparttar 136517 reference or science sections.

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