Holiday/vacation time but what about your online business?

Written by Richard Grady

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4. Take your laptop and find a wireless 'hotspot'. Wireless networks are becoming more and more popular and you will find them in many airports, hotels and resorts. As long as you have a wireless network card or a wireless-ready laptop, you can simply turn your laptop on and accessrepparttar network at super-fast Broadband speeds. You will normally have to pay for access but you can usually buy unlimited access forrepparttar 150978 period of your visit. If you really don't want to pay and have time on your hands, try turning on your laptop close to offices, an Internet cafe or some coffee shops - you never know, they may have a wireless network set up with no security meaning you can logon for free! This is my favourite way of accessingrepparttar 150979 Internet abroad - it is fast, affordable and I can use my own computer with all of my own software which makes it very convenient.

5. Use your laptop with a mobile/cell phone. Not an ideal option but if you are somewhere really remote it might be your only option! Remember that different countries use different cell phone frequencies so you need to make sure that your phone will work inrepparttar 150980 country that you are visiting. In order to keep costs down, sign up with a local phone service provider and a local ISP - this means that you will payrepparttar 150981 lowest call charges possible (though they will probably still be pretty expensive). Connection speed is likely to be appalling but this might work for you if you are only expecting a few emails..... Personally, this option became unworkable for me several years ago - too slow and far too expensive.

6. Use a laptop/PDA/Blackberry or similar with a GPRS connection. GPRS is a wireless technology which allows PDAs and similar to have an 'always on' connection in a similar way to Broadband. GPRS is provided viarepparttar 150982 local mobile/cell phone network. With GPRS, you pay not forrepparttar 150983 time that you are online but forrepparttar 150984 amount of data that you transfer. This means that if you set things up correctly you can just download your email headers, deleterepparttar 150985 ones that you don't need to read and then only download and reply torepparttar 150986 important ones. Therefore costs will be kept to a minimum and it doesn't matter ifrepparttar 150987 connection is slow (from a cost point of view at least) since you are only paying forrepparttar 150988 amount of data you transfer. Speeds should be quicker than a normal mobile/cell phone connection. Ensure you check that GPRS is available inrepparttar 150989 country that you are visiting - most common destinations can offerrepparttar 150990 service but you may find that some more remote countries are not yet GPRS enabled.

Most important of all - enjoy yourself! :-)

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Afrikool Allies With For Digital Distribution

Written by Sigmund Elias Holm

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Weed Files are a legal way to download and share music, buying only what you like after three free listens. The innovating music download service developed by Shared Media Licensing pays 50% of every song sold directly torepparttar artists, and 35% is divided amongrepparttar 150946 ones who sharerepparttar 150947 songs. Whether songs are spread through p2p programs, distributed on sites, emailed etc. it is 100% legal. Songs are free to download and have 3 free listens before you decide whether you want to buy it.

The Afrikool Weed files are available at and at Check outrepparttar 150948 2002 John Lennon Songwriting Contest Grand prize Winning track inrepparttar 150949 'World' category titled Unconditional Love by Alain Nkossi Konda at this link:


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