Holiday Fun for Singles

Written by Rinatta Paries

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Some ideas for activities: speed dating, neighborhood gatherings, singles clubs, dances, group nature hikes, etc. Find these activities by looking in your local paper, surfingrepparttar Internet, and listening to your local radio stations. Also ask your friends if they know of any fun group events.

7. Be More Social

Try to attend at least three social occasions a week right now -- perhaps a party, a singles event, and a work event.

These activities should not just consist of you and your friends going out. Do things that will expose you to new people. If you can manage more then three social events a week, you will be even better off. The more social you are,repparttar 101817 more people you will meet.

8. Be Happy

You want to shine and be attractive this holiday season. This can be somewhat achieved with stylish clothes, a good haircut, and jewelry and makeup for women.

However, it will be better achieved by being happy, which will make you shine fromrepparttar 101818 inside out. Make yourself happy by working on your attitude on a daily basis. Focus on being grateful forrepparttar 101819 bounty of what you have, even if you feel that what you have is not enough.

9. Give and Be Generous

Give to friends and loved ones, but also give to strangers and charity. The more you give,repparttar 101820 more joyous and inrepparttar 101821 holiday spirit you will feel.

The more joyous you feel,repparttar 101822 more attractive you will be to others. People want to be with joyous, happy people.

10. Make a Significant Emotional Shift

Learn something extraordinary and profound about yourself, your relationships, or your life. Transform some part of yourself. Change something so radically that you will have no doubt aboutrepparttar 101823 change.

This will help you attract love now and will guarantee that your relationships will be better inrepparttar 101824 future. Knowing this, you will enjoyrepparttar 101825 holidays more.

Your Relationship Coach, Rinatta Paries

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New Year Resolutions Don't Work

Written by John G. Agno

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2. Why do most people have to reach a crisis point before they realize it's time for a change?

Most people feel they need a change but have a difficult time articulating/envisioning what that change looks like and how to plan to make it real. Developingrepparttar ability to respond to unpredictable change is very hard for most people. Some people are afraid to develop approaches to move fromrepparttar 101816 more comfortable status quo. Learning to take risks by starting with small projects (whererepparttar 101817 impact of failure is not excessive) is a good approach to overcome this lack of initiative.

Many need more than self-help books to move forward. Taking personal initiative to generate innovative ideas and solutions to problems can require support inrepparttar 101818 form of a mentor or coach who guides us in handling important but not yet urgent issues. When we talk to others, in a safe environment, aboutrepparttar 101819 impending change, we reach clarity on what we must do to move forward. Building one's capability to accept and effectively handle change can release energy spent in worry and transform it into focused action.

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John G. Agno is a certified executive and business coach. He is founder of the Coach to Coach Network, a virtual peer-to-peer community of 900 personal and business coaches worldwide.

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