Hold Tight To Your Integrity

Written by Josh Hinds

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Life rewards those who remain humble no matter what success they may acquire. Atrepparttar same time, oftenrepparttar 137842 person that brags or begins to believe they are above another tends to find themselves caught in a bit of "success quicksand" for lack of a better term. Be sure you never become that person struggling to get unstuck.

Yours in success, Josh Hinds

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Get Blissed!

Written by Jo Ball

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Stephen King once said, ďTalent renders rehearsal meaningless; when you find something you love you do it until your fingers bleed and your eyes fall out your headÖ every outing is a bravura performance because you asrepparttar creator are happy.Ē

My son and I chatted. We concluded if thereís no joy in it, thereís no point in it, and therefore heís best off spending keyboard practice time searching for that Ďsomethingí else where he can hit that high, reaprepparttar 137787 rewards of joy and ensure his life becomes an energetic adventure.

Some of us pretend in life. We pretend to do what we think makes our parents happy. We pretend to enjoy work. We pretend to be happy while we sell our soul. We pretend to be artistic or creative but never put oomph into it and maybeÖ just maybe we drift through life with that thought that there must be something else out there.

But life is an experience Ė one big talent show for us to show off our skills. Itís a stage for us to use our skills for our fun and pleasure and forrepparttar 137788 pleasure of those around us.

Life is not a practice for some future event that we hope will just drop out ofrepparttar 137789 sky. We have to make it happen.

Great writers write everyday until their eyes fall out their head and their brain wonít function, great coaches coach everyday, great musicians play until their fingers bleed. All of them love every single moment of what they do. Itís about passion. Itís about blissing out. Itís about happiness. Itís about being at one with your self - being truly honest with who you really are.

Remember youíre heroes Ė great comedians, interviewers, musicians, singers, teachers etc. They all have that bliss in their eyes, hearts and minds atrepparttar 137790 moment they affected you most.

Letís not pretend another day. You and I came to this earth with a unique and special talent, yet why in Godís name donít you use it torepparttar 137791 full. Why are we doing spreadsheets and sweeping roads when we would sooner be an artist or a therapist?

Put up with snotty customers atrepparttar 137792 call centre or organiserepparttar 137793 bazaar forrepparttar 137794 WI committee if that means something to you, but please do not ever kid yourself about your level of passion and commitment when you choose what you do with your life.

My son made his stance to be blissed by life as a ten year old. How old are you?

Have you maderepparttar 137795 same commitment to your life yet?

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