Hodgepodge Justice

Written by Terry Dashner

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I believe that national governments of all countries are responsible to God and its citizens to discover and protect human rights. However, positive law proponents disagree. They believe that nations and their governments create laws. In light of history, this is a dangerous philosophy to embrace. Accountability, according torepparttar Bible, is first to God and then torepparttar 119222 state. God ordained human governments to maintain order throughoutrepparttar 119223 world. Citizens are to abide byrepparttar 119224 laws ofrepparttar 119225 land; however when a man’s law supersedes God’s law, God’s people must resist it with all their might.

I conclude this “hodgepodge” of thoughts with a quote from Thomas Jefferson. He said, “God who gave us life, gave us liberty. Canrepparttar 119226 liberties of a nation remain secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties arerepparttar 119227 gift of God? Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

Terry Dashner.

Senior Pastor at Faith Fellowship Church in Broken Arrow, OK. 918-451-0270

Stopping Home Foreclosure

Written by Kevin OHara

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Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure: This service is when homeowner voluntary deed title to homeowner property torepparttar lender. A homeowner basically givesrepparttar 119221 house back torepparttar 119222 bank. The ordinary effect ofrepparttar 119223 taking of a Deed in Lieu is to extinguishrepparttar 119224 lenders deed of trust and vestrepparttar 119225 lender withrepparttar 119226 title subject to all other existing liens and encumbrances. In effect,repparttar 119227 lender becomesrepparttar 119228 new owner. The lender is not required to acceptrepparttar 119229 Deed in Lieu and can show his/her refusal by filing a Notice of Non Acceptance withrepparttar 119230 County Recorder. Bankruptcy: Bankruptcy is notrepparttar 119231 best option but does delayrepparttar 119232 process and place everything on hold for a while. Bankruptcy should only be an option if homeowner needs to buy time so homeowner can raiserepparttar 119233 cash to payoffrepparttar 119234 entire debt.

Keep your rights from being violated during foreclosure. Keep your home and defend your rights.

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