Hobbits and Lice

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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The war between lice and their hosts has continued for billions of years - there are species of louse adapted to almost every sort of primate and many species of birds. In humans, they infest our head, our clothes, and our bodily hair. Curiously,repparttar body lice arerepparttar 148329 same species as head lice - although they behave quite differently, living in clothes, and coming in to feed on skin once or twice a day. Head lice live in hair and feed more often.

But it turns out that DNA analysis shows there are two distinct sub-species of head lice in humans. All overrepparttar 148330 world, except in western North America, they arerepparttar 148331 same. But there is a population of lice alongrepparttar 148332 Pacific coast of North America which have been evolving separately fromrepparttar 148333 rest ofrepparttar 148334 world for about 1.8m years. The only way to make sense of this is to assume that their separate development took place on Homo erectus, who also split off from our hominid ancestors about that time ago.

So how could these lice have reached their present, wholly human hosts? It seems to me that this could only have happened through some act of primal genocide when Homo erectus met Homo sapiens somewhere in eastern Siberia. Lice can only travel between living bodies, or very freshly dead ones. Ifrepparttar 148335 transmission had been from living bodies, we would expectrepparttar 148336 same pattern in bodily lice. It isn't there. Nor is there any trace of Homo erectus in our DNA. Sorepparttar 148337 lice must have come from very fresh corpses and it is hard to suppose that they had died peacefully just beforerepparttar 148338 intruders turned up.

The story of "Ebu Gogo" sounds more improving. According to local villagers, these creatures were around until about a century ago: three feet tall, hairy, and speechless, though they could imitate human speech, like parrots. The villagers tolerated them and even fed them, though they would only eat raw food, until they stole and ate a baby. They drove them from their cave with blazing bales of grass. Shortly thereafter,repparttar 148339 villagers themselves moved off and western settlers arrived. The cave whererepparttar 148340 Ebu Gogo lived has not been found. But if it is - and scientists are looking - it might yield some extraordinary remains.

These wouldn't be technological. Perhapsrepparttar 148341 saddest aspect ofrepparttar 148342 whole story isrepparttar 148343 slow loss of technology it implies. Ebu Gogo seems to have been a descendent of Homo erectus, also known as Java man, who reachedrepparttar 148344 island about 840,000 years ago. This was almost certainly something that required boats, which seem a pretty human-level technology.” (1)

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The Bermuda Triangle and Antarctica

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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This startled us a bit, but then one of my colleagues hadrepparttar brilliant idea of getting out a map ofrepparttar 147368 world! Once we had a map before us, we saw that both lozenges lay precisely between 30 degrees and 40 degrees north and also spread about 30 degrees east to west, latitudinally. This really did spark us, so we made a grab forrepparttar 147369 globe.

Nowrepparttar 147370 surface of our earth as seen on a globe is really very different from what we look at on a two-dimensional map, and especially one on what is calledrepparttar 147371 Mercator projection. Just where did these two blobs lie relative to each other as one went aroundrepparttar 147372 globe? It turned out that they were centered 160 degrees apart (going around one way) and 200 degrees (goingrepparttar 147373 other). In other words, there did not appear to be any noticeable pattern. If they had been at 180 degrees going both ways, they would have been exactly opposite each other on opposite sides ofrepparttar 147374 earth. But then something else cropped up.

We had been inundated with letters asking for more information onrepparttar 147375 disappearances ofrepparttar 147376 Israeli and French submarines atrepparttar 147377 east and west ends ofrepparttar 147378 Mediterranean, respectively, We were naturally unable to add anything torepparttar 147379 news reports and official statements. However,repparttar 147380 Mediterranean Sea just happens to form a lozenge-shaped blob, also lying between 30 degrees and 40 degrees north, and just about 30 degrees from left to right, latitudinally.

Naturally, we measuredrepparttar 147381 distance between these three blobs. Then something else rather startling came to light. They were arranged on an apparently strict numerical progression—fromrepparttar 147382 Bermuda bit torepparttar 147383 Mediterranean, four;repparttar 147384 Mediterranean torepparttar 147385 Japanese, five; andrepparttar 147386 Japanese torepparttar 147387 Bermuda, six.

Now, I don’t like such neat patterns emerging in anything in nature; it looks far too much as though somebody had gotrepparttar 147388 idea first, and then tried to fitrepparttar 147389 facts into it. You can fit almost anything into almost anything else if you try hard enough; as any mathematician, statistician, or police officer can tell you. However, Nature is to a great extent fairly orderly and does display rather neat patterns.

So we had three ‘blobs’ in a line—andrepparttar 147390 same line, please note—of something. But just what? At this point I started doing some hard thinking. If there are three such areas between 30 degrees and 40 degrees north latitude, could there be equivalents at 30 degrees and 40 degrees south latitude? A subsequent investigation into plane, ship, and sub losses inrepparttar 147391 southern hemisphere yielded some amazing results.

There turned out to be three exactly similar areas situated belowrepparttar 147392 equator. These lie offrepparttar 147393 east coasts of South America, South Africa, and Australia. All proved to be precisely within 30 degrees to 40 degrees of latitude south, and also to be about 30 degrees of longitude in width. But very strangely, they were all tilted up torepparttar 147394 right or east, as were also those inrepparttar 147395 northern hemisphere! Frankly, this does not seem to make sense, because our planet is a sphere andrepparttar 147396 southern hemisphere should mirrorrepparttar 147397 northern. So we started looking for some physical reason for this clear pattern.

The first thing that emerged was that these vortices inrepparttar 147398 southern hemisphere wee precisely shiftedrepparttar 147399 same number of degrees torepparttar 147400 east in all cases. Then one further fact came to light. Of allrepparttar 147401 possible known physical factors that could cause this pattern—temperature, barometric pressure, and, above all, geomagnetic anomalies—only one fitted, and this was surface ocean currents!

Five of these six areas—the Mediterranean alone being in a different category—lie onrepparttar 147402 right or east sides ofrepparttar 147403 continents, {Beforerepparttar 147404 African continent collided withrepparttar 147405 land north of it about 12 million years ago, this would not berepparttar 147406 case. But it would not have been onrepparttar 147407 right of any land then. Remember this is whererepparttar 147408 Great Pyramid serves some Earth Energy Grid function and somehow is located onrepparttar 147409 nearest firm foundation torepparttar 147410 center of allrepparttar 147411 land masses on earth.} and all precisely in curious areas where hot surface currents stream out ofrepparttar 147412 tropical latitudes towardrepparttar 147413 colder waters ofrepparttar 147414 temperate, subpolar and eventually polar areas. What is more,repparttar 147415 two principal ones inrepparttar 147416 northern hemisphere, in accordance withrepparttar 147417 simple behavior of waters on a spinning globe, turn clockwise, whilerepparttar 147418 three inrepparttar 147419 southern hemisphere turn counterclockwise. There is nothing odd about this; but there is aboutrepparttar 147420 fact that said twirls all make their tightest turns precisely in these five locations…

{He goes on to detail how other occurrences are problematic in these same areas and highlightsrepparttar 147421 fact that disappearances that leave no trace only happen to such a high proportion in these areas. He then got a letter from a woman whose brothers inrepparttar 147422 Navy and Air Force had told her things that result in ten ‘blobs’ or lozenges which fitrepparttar 147423 ancient Pentagon-dodecahedron knowledge which he does not mention and may not have known about. He also makes it clear he sees none ofrepparttar 147424 UFO or ET things to this which Cathie and others do.}

The significance of this may be lost on most of us ordinary and non-mathematically orientated folk, so I asked our chief geometer, who is also a specialist electronics engineer, to tell me how to put it. His reply was very clear and, to me at least, simple; namely, that there would appear to be ten funny places onrepparttar 147425 surface of our planet which lie opposite each other in a particular manner… demonstrated that all five of them {Skewers placed throughrepparttar 147426 globe atrepparttar 147427 points ofrepparttar 147428 lozenges.} were battling to pass throughrepparttar 147429 exact center ofrepparttar 147430 earth.” (3)

Thus we haverepparttar 147431 Great Pyramid serving asrepparttar 147432 keystone torepparttar 147433 surface ofrepparttar 147434 earth and these vortices of energy derived out of some deep earth energy which I also relate torepparttar 147435 meteorites from space finding a reason to collect in Antarctica orrepparttar 147436 large one drawn torepparttar 147437 Bermuda Triangle. Research onrepparttar 147438 tensile strength of metals over these ‘blots’ showsrepparttar 147439 fields of energy surroundingrepparttar 147440 earth has a strong impact on everything and that makes one wonder about many things considered foolish about astrology or other psycho-spiritual sciences.


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Author of Diverse Druids Columnist for The ES Press Magazine Guest 'expert' at World-Mysteries.com

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