Hitting The Brick Wall...And Not A Dent

Written by Dan Farrell

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Pay Per Clicks. These are places you pay to have your ad placed in a rank by how much money you bid for that keyword or phrase. Overture.com isrepparttar biggest but they recently raised their rates from a minimum bid of .05 to .10 putting many (like me) out ofrepparttar 117219 running forrepparttar 117220 more popular or searched for keywords. However, you can still place keyword ads starting at .01 at many ofrepparttar 117221 160+ pay per click search engines. Which ones are worth your time and money? I have a series of articles on PPC's that you can get instantly and for free by sending a blank email to ppcsecrets@makenetmoney.com

Viral marketing is a hot topic and worthy of discussion. Basically, it is developing your own ebook, article or report. If you aren't a great writer, use someone else's with reprint rights or even better master rights. By placing this ebook or report in many different hands you are creating a viral network. If written well with quality content, they will pass it on as a free bonus to buy a product, or enticement to subscribe to their ezine or affiliate program, creating a steady and increasing amount of targeted traffic forrepparttar 117222 links you have inrepparttar 117223 publication. This takes time, thought and effort but this is what some ofrepparttar 117224 top marketers do to get consistent traffic and sales.

The other methodrepparttar 117225 'guru's use to generate a steady flow of targeted traffic is affiliate programs. You can get 1,000's selling your products for little to no expense. After all, you can only place so many ezine ads, classified ads or keyword ads withrepparttar 117226 pay per click's. Once you have your own product or buyrepparttar 117227 Master's rights to someone else's, Clickbank has a no cost, easy to set up affiliate program. For more info, visit here. http//www.clickbank.com/build.html

Jimmy D. Brown says, "I went from 50 hits per month to over 250,000 hits per month in only 4 months, from barely coveringrepparttar 117228 hosting fees of my website to a six-figure income. And, it is 100% because ofrepparttar 117229 information that I am revealing inrepparttar 117230 Free Advertising System.This course alone is what brought me success online."

For a free copy of "How to Earn a Full-Time Living Online In 2 Easy Steps", download here. http//www.mhg-consulting.com/cbooks/2ezsteps.exe

PS You can brand it with your affiliate links and give it away creating a viral network!

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If You Don’t Like The Weather…Just Wait Ten Minutes

Written by Kirk Bannerman

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By analyzingrepparttar information taken fromrepparttar 117218 traffic analysis tools you can track keywords and other parameters which will tell you how visitors are getting to your site which, in turn, will help you improve and target traffic.

The goals for your particular site will depend uponrepparttar 117219 nature of your online business or endeavor, A good way to determine how well your site attracts and converts visitors is to analyze your traffic and then experiment or tweak some ofrepparttar 117220 different elements of your site such as sales letter copy, price promotions, limited time offers, free offers, headlines, color schemes, testimonials, etc., etc.

After making changes in your program, once again analyze your traffic to obtain a measure ofrepparttar 117221 impact (good, bad, or none) that your tweaking has produced. And then startrepparttar 117222 process all over again, retainingrepparttar 117223 changes that yielded a positive result and, of course, rejecting those that did not.

Remember folks, it is up to us to stay in touch withrepparttar 117224 fact that there is one certainty aboutrepparttar 117225 future of online marketing, and that is that it will continue to change.

Kirk Bannerman operates a successful home based business and resides in California. For more details, visit his website at http://business-at-home.us

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