Hitching a Ride on Current Events

Written by Paul J. Krupin

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The real key to recognize if you are going to try to jump on a current event, is that while your news release responds to something that just happened, you must not propose something that forrepparttar media is simply too late. If they already are covering it a certain way, then you can't propose something similar.  You can't come in with something that is behindrepparttar 108035 eight ball.  You have to come in with something new.

To do this you have to get out in front ofrepparttar 108036 existing current media coverage. This isrepparttar 108037 crucial issue -- you have to get way out in front of whatrepparttar 108038 media needs. You do this by anticipating what will happen and walking in withrepparttar 108039 proposed story idea inrepparttar 108040 nick of time.  Only then will you be recognized and utilized.  To make sure that you receive appropriate consideration, you can call in to a specific editor before you send a news release.  Presentrepparttar 108041 idea.  Then you send it and then you call and follow up withrepparttar 108042 recipient editor.

Here's a true story.

Several years ago, cult deprogramming expert Mary Alice Chranalogar wrote a book called Twisted Scriptures. One week in March a cult group in Texas announced that God was coming on a spaceship and was going to take allrepparttar 108043 followers away in two weeks time.

To Mary Alice and family members, this news was a clear signal that mass suicides were being contemplated. Mary Alice had me send out a news release torepparttar 108044 Texas and southern media. The headline: Heaven's Gate Suicides Can be Stopped.

A media circus resulted in Garland Texas that day, andrepparttar 108045 leader ofrepparttar 108046 cult under significant media pressure caved in, came torepparttar 108047 podium and publically acknowledged he was a fraud. Many many cult members were saved and successfully reuinted and returned to their families. The psychological bondage that heldrepparttar 108048 victims was broken. 

Remember that as with any other news release, you've got thirty seconds to communicate that a large number of people inrepparttar 108049 audience will be interested inrepparttar 108050 topic. With radio and TV you've also got to indicate that you will be a great guest. The body of your news release must emphasizerepparttar 108051 words that create audio or visual word pictures so thatrepparttar 108052 producers can imagine whatrepparttar 108053 show would sound like or look like.

When you contactrepparttar 108054 media you must quickly develop an accurate understanding of whorepparttar 108055 audience is. Askrepparttar 108056 media about their audience andrepparttar 108057 demographics ofrepparttar 108058 population. If you know whorepparttar 108059 audience is you can figure out what they will be interested in and you can pitch and emphasizerepparttar 108060 aspects that will interestrepparttar 108061 biggest audience possible.

So every day, pay attention, think about what is happening, and then think aboutrepparttar 108062 consequences of what is happening. If this happened today, then what will it result in two or three days from now.

Then think about what you can do to help people torepparttar 108063 problem that is coming.

If you find yourself withrepparttar 108064 ability and interest in helping people like this, please contact me and I'll help you get in contact withrepparttar 108065 people that matter.

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How to "Disguise" Your Sales Letters Online

Written by Andrew Clacy

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services. Your report essentially becomes your sales letter.Here are some examples of booklets and reports from real businesses: Guarantee Mutual Life came out with "How to ProtectYour Business" U.S. Savings & Loan League came outwith "How to Stretch Your Dollar" National FootballLeague came out with "Official Record Book" AmericanCancer Society came out with "You Can Fight Cancer and Win" You too can create a report that offers realinformation to people while also plugging yourbusiness. Something as short as 400 words (about two typed, double-spaced pages of text) would suffice. Think of how your service benefits people, and then write an article that helps them perform that service for themselves. If you're a web programmer, it might be "5 Ways toProtect your eBooks from Hackers and ‘DownloadTheives’." This is acceptable advertising online. When peopleread your report, they learn solid, helpfulinformation. They don't learn enough to replace you, however. So when they need some programming done on their web site, you arerepparttar person they think of to call!

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