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On average I write two articles a month, that's 2 hours a Month tops, still making excuses about not enough time I hope not because where else can 2 hours work bring in A residual income from affiliate sales, with no more effort Required on your part.

Submitting your article to other ezines was whererepparttar Time and hassle used to be, but even that has now been made Simple. You can now submit to sites that offer article's to busy Ezine publishers, and they will offer your article to all there List of subscribers.

Let me put this into prospective for you below are some Statistics On some ofrepparttar 134295 viral marketing methods I use.

>Fromrepparttar 134296 1st torepparttar 134297 16th of April 01 my hits tree created 75 New subscribers The new hotbobs complete strategies marketing book was Downloaded 230 times. And I have had two articles Published in 9 other online publications. Just dorepparttar 134298 maths fromrepparttar 134299 first paragraph and work out how Long before one million people will see my work.

Already I am getting hits fromrepparttar 134300 links inrepparttar 134301 book, how Do I know this, because I coded them so I could trackrepparttar 134302 hits. Take a look inrepparttar 134303 hotbobs member's area under recommended resources (page 6) to see what I have to say about tracking You're advertising campaigns.

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Viral Marketing Tips: Greeting Cards

Written by Richard Lowe

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How do you put greeting cards on your site? First, pick a theme or two. If your site is about model railroads, for example, you might get some photos of trains and train sets; you could include vacation photos, cute animal pictures, scanned drawings or anything else that you feel would make a good card. Just remember to honor copyrights - make sure you have repparttar right to make copies ofrepparttar 134294 materials before you use them.

Once you have a theme or two, you need to find a greeting card service. I've experimented with a few options. I've tried hosting it entirely on my own site, and what I've found is it is difficult to maintain. I've also tried it completely hosted on another site and found it is too restrictive.

The service that I settled upon is called CyberGreeting Network - http://cybergreet.net/. This company, in my opinion, providesrepparttar 134295 best of both worlds (local and remotely hosted).

The pages, images and sound files are stored on your own web site. You can tailor these all that you want so they blend with your pages perfectly. This isrepparttar 134296 perfect freedom, and as long as you set uprepparttar 134297 form properly all will work fine.

How do you do this? You download a template file (as explained in their instructions) and modify it to suite your needs. This may require a little effort on your part (as well as some skill with HTML) butrepparttar 134298 end result will be worth it.

The remote part ofrepparttar 134299 product (which is free, byrepparttar 134300 way) isrepparttar 134301 piece that actually formats and sendsrepparttar 134302 card. You see, on your page you get repparttar 134303 visitor to supplyrepparttar 134304 answers to a series of questions in a form. The form data is submitted to a CGI routine which puts everything together into a greeting card. Your visitor simply answersrepparttar 134305 questions and presses submit. You pass all of this torepparttar 134306 routine, which then sends repparttar 134307 card torepparttar 134308 destination.

I was able to get half a dozen pages of greeting cards working perfectly in an afternoon. These remain on my site, and serve me well by creating a steady, growing stream of traffic. I think you would do well to take a look and determine if this will work for your site as well.

Richard Lowe Jr. is the webmaster of Internet Tips And Secrets. This website includes over 1,000 free articles to improve your internet profits, enjoyment and knowledge. Web Site Address: http://www.internet-tips.net Weekly newsletter: http://www.internet-tips.net/joinlist.htm Daily Tips: internet-tips@GetResponse.com

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