Hit and Run Drivers

Written by Birmingham UK Com

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Within a couple of months they are onrepparttar road again with another killing machine. How many times have we seen young children andrepparttar 113471 elderly being mown down or victims of accidents where hit and run drivers have been involved. Unless something changes you will see this a lot more.

Currently, if you drive a car without tax, insurance and MOT and you get caught inrepparttar 113472 second year, this being your first offence, you will have saved a considerable sum of money. The fine that you will receive fromrepparttar 113473 courts is more likely to act as encouragement for you to re offend rather than act as any deterrent.

Meanwhile this sends out a message torepparttar 113474 community. The next time your insurance premium comes round with a 20% hike to cover theft and claims by others, you take stock ofrepparttar 113475 situation, you have paid throughrepparttar 113476 nose for years, nowrepparttar 113477 tax is also due, and soon it will berepparttar 113478 MOT. Thomas next door has been driving around in his old banger for over three years now and got away with paying none of this. To hell with it. If you can’t beat em join em.

Moving ahead its been four years since you paid any car tax, had an MOT or insurance and you are doing just fine. That is until late one evening when you are speeding downrepparttar 113479 Queensway with a car full of mates and your brakes go. Being more conscientious than some you do stop after that collision that forced a family of four offrepparttar 113480 road and intorepparttar 113481 crash barriers. The child who had been waving at you fromrepparttar 113482 rear ofrepparttar 113483 car you just collided with remains an impression of guilt that you will carry with you to your grave.

If only………..if only is not good enough…….

From Birmingham UK Com

From Birmingham UK Com.

Club of Rome and Education

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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“Systems of education are less and less adapted torepparttar new issues, torepparttar 113470 new emerging global society we are presently involved in. New priorities force us to redefinerepparttar 113471 role of education, which should be conceived as a permanent learning process. Transmission of knowledge is no longer sufficient, and new objectives such as developing one's own potential and creativity, orrepparttar 113472 capacity of adaptation to change are becoming essential in a rapidly changing world.

The Club of Rome considers that education is both part ofrepparttar 113473 global problematique and also an essential tool to become an effective actor in control of one's own life and within society. If there are "Limits to Growth", there are "No Limits to Learning" (titles of two Reports torepparttar 113474 Club of Rome).” (1)

Their recommendations to limit population growth can be seen from many points of view but their prognostications of doom and gloom have not considered various technologies which continue to make it possible thatrepparttar 113475 outcomes their reports have predicted will occur. In fact there are technologies I think they are not even aware of if you go by what they say on their web site.

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