History of the Watch

Written by Allen Shaw

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Byrepparttar turn ofrepparttar 149199 twentieth century,repparttar 149200 watch industry's first and most successful mass marketer, Robert H. Ingersoll, worked with Waterbury Clock, a partner of Timex, to distributerepparttar 149201 company's "Yankee" pocket watch,repparttar 149202 first to cost just one dollar. Twenty years later, with nearly forty million sold,repparttar 149203 "Yankee" becamerepparttar 149204 world's largest seller and "the watch that maderepparttar 149205 dollar famous." Everyone carriedrepparttar 149206 Yankee: from Mark Twain to miners, from farmers to factory workers, from office clerks to sales clerks. Throughoutrepparttar 149207 rest ofrepparttar 149208 20th Century, Timex conqueredrepparttar 149209 low-end market selling 500 million watches byrepparttar 149210 end ofrepparttar 149211 1970s.

Andrepparttar 149212 watch market has continued to grow and expand inrepparttar 149213 following years. Withrepparttar 149214 introduction ofrepparttar 149215 digital watch in 1972, watchmakers had brand new roads to explore inrepparttar 149216 area or portable timekeeping. It is now not so uncommon to find watches that can do everything underrepparttar 149217 sun from readingrepparttar 149218 wearerís heart rate to playing music. But telling time is stillrepparttar 149219 number-one priority.

So whether youíre more interested inrepparttar 149220 fashion statement your watch makes (Rolex, Heuer, Seiko) orrepparttar 149221 practicality of your watch (Timex, Casio, Citizen), there will always be numerous choices out there.

Hey, anyone know what time it is? I think Iím late.

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Murdered woman comes back to help catch her killer.

Written by Stephen Hill

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"I have just been murdered, I know you can help me"

Sue who was obviously shocked, asked how she could help her.

"I want to tell you what has happened to me and I want to describerepparttar killer to you. I then want you to go torepparttar 149116 police station tommorrow to tell them what I have told you. This will help them to findrepparttar 149117 killer, then I will be able to rest in peace."

Sue reluctantly agreed and Lisa disappeared.

Sue did go torepparttar 149118 police and describedrepparttar 149119 killer, telling them many things about him, including that he had a tattoo on his arm withrepparttar 149120 words "crazy fox" on.

The police did not take her as a serious witness, even though they found it strange that she seemed to know so much aboutrepparttar 149121 killing itself.

The murder itself went unsolved for twenty years, until a man was arrested for drink driving. The police took his DNA and it was matched torepparttar 149122 murder of Lisa.

Have a guess what he had tattoed on his arm, "crazy fox".


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