History of Soap Making

Written by Rachael Wilson

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As Indians were exposed to traders and settlers, they gradually adopted many ofrepparttar white man’s habits, among them, soap. Inrepparttar 141265 mid 1800s, among West Coast Indians, a piece of soap of a finger’s thickness was worth four marten pelts. Translated, this was a high price, since a blanket could be had for ten. A sliver of soap was oftenrepparttar 141266 coveted prize for schoolyard games in mission settlements.

History of Soap Making & Soap Factory:
Inrepparttar 141267 biography of William Duncan, a lay preacher, soap was an accessory to convertrepparttar 141268 natives of Fort Simpson onrepparttar 141269 Northwest Pacific Coast. This zealous Christian persuaded Indians to renounce their rich heritage and relocate in a European style village.

Gone wererepparttar 141270 medicine men, moccasins, potlatches and totems. The members ofrepparttar 141271 village had to vow to be clean. The Indians renounced their spirit-gods and eagerly embracedrepparttar 141272 European way of life. Duncan encouraged his charges to plant garden plots and build frame houses. Inrepparttar 141273 late 1800s, together with a forge, carpentry shop, sawmill, and brick kiln, he started a soap factory.

Christians and History of Soap Making:
Christians viewedrepparttar 141274 body as a temporary vessel forrepparttar 141275 soul. Concerning oneself with bodily functions was considered bad forrepparttar 141276 spirit. As time went on, fundamentalist sects warnedrepparttar 141277 body was a source of evil. This caused an over concern with modesty. Even disrobing in private was sinful. Bathing was discouraged.

Romans and History of Soap Making:
Romans, along with Jews and Greeks, wererepparttar 141278 opposite. They heldrepparttar 141279 body in great regard, a gift fromrepparttar 141280 gods. Cleanliness and sanitation beganrepparttar 141281 outgrowth of public toilets and baths.

Archaeologists believe that Egypt’s Queen Nefertiti used facial masks of honey, milk, and flower pollen to cleanse her pores while in her bath went 80 herbs and fruits.

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Easy Bathroom Curtains

Written by Jennifer Shircel

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Roll outrepparttar shade allrepparttar 141253 way as if it were hanging onrepparttar 141254 window and covering it completely. Before you start decorating away, start with a plan. Decide what colors you’re going to use and how you’re going to design it. Then start decorating it!

This is a great crafting project for you and your older kids. If they have their own bathroom, letrepparttar 141255 kids decoraterepparttar 141256 shade all by themselves (with your supervision of course). You can also use these shades in bedrooms and letrepparttar 141257 kids decorate them according torepparttar 141258 décor in their rooms.

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