History of Mexican Coffee

Written by Randy Wilson

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Duringrepparttar 1980s, coffee became Mexico's most valuable export crop. In 1985 coffee growers produced 4.9 million sixty-kilogram bags, and coffee exports earned $882US million atrepparttar 146095 unusually high world price of $0.90US per kilogram. Thereafter output fluctuated between 5.6 million bags and 4.4 million bags.

As international coffee prices rose further,repparttar 146096 government in 1988 encouraged coffee growers, especially in Chiapas, to increase output and expandrepparttar 146097 area under cultivation. It tried to increase production by offering easy credit to coffee growers and by converting forested land into ejidos for cultivation by poor Mexican coffee growers.

The finest grade of Mexican coffee is "Altura," which means "high-grown." Where coffee is concerned, higher always means better, andrepparttar 146098 high-grown coffees of Mexico are considered very high-quality indeed and amongrepparttar 146099 finest grown inrepparttar 146100 Americas.

Mexican coffee drinkers have a unique way of brewing their coffee, many prefer to add a small amount of cinnamon torepparttar 146101 ground coffee before brewing, this adds a distinct flavor and also reducesrepparttar 146102 acidity.

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Unique gifts – Send food gifts for something delicious and different

Written by Nicole Martins

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Gifts forrepparttar dessert lover

With so many choices in gourmet chocolates: in boxes, themed gifts baskets and more, you can send anything from romantic, fine chocolates to elegant, hand made chocolates to a colleague. Another popular idea forrepparttar 146032 confection lover is tower gifts: chocolate tower gifts and cookie tower gifts. These gifts are delivered inrepparttar 146033 mail and can make quite a presentation. Cookie bouquets are also fun gifts and great if you weren’t planning to spend a lot.

Gifts forrepparttar 146034 food lover

If you have a gourmand, and they’re hungry to sample different kinds of wine, cheeses, chocolates, coffees, teas and such look for a good food ofrepparttar 146035 month club online. These clubs tend to include interesting choices and include information for your recipient to learn more about different kinds of cheeses, for example if it’s a cheese ofrepparttar 146036 month club (see http://www.a1-food-gifts.com/unique-gifts.htm ). Also, with a monthly food gift plan your recipient is not likely to forget you as there is a reminder each month.

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