History of Golf- How it all Started

Written by Martin Smith

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1880 - The arrival ofrepparttar gutter perch ball was a major influence onrepparttar 149160 popularity of golf. Little has changed inrepparttar 149161 past 250 years. 1925 - In Texasrepparttar 149162 Bark Hollow Golf Club becomesrepparttar 149163 first club with a complete fairway irrigation system. The British Open is played forrepparttar 149164 last time at Prestwick Golf Club. The Royal Canadian Golf Association makes a ruling thatrepparttar 149165 use of steel-shafted clubs is legal. They joinedrepparttar 149166 United States Golf Association. 1973 - Johnny Mailer shoots 63 at Oakmont Country Club to winrepparttar 149167 U.S. Open. Arnold Palmer winsrepparttar 149168 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, his fifth win inrepparttar 149169 event and his 62nd win inrepparttar 149170 PGA Tour. 1985 - Europeans winrepparttar 149171 Ryder's Cup forrepparttar 149172 first time in twenty-eight years. 1995 - Ben Crenshaw won his second Master's. Tiger Woods wins second straight U.S. Amateur. The Golf Channel makes its debut in television. 1997 - Tiger Woods in his first year Championship had a 12 stroke win atrepparttar 149173 Masters. Jack Nicklaus tees off atrepparttar 149174 US Open for his 150th consecutive major championship appearance. 1999 - Aree Wongluekert (now known as Aree Song) winsrepparttar 149175 Girls Junior Amateur. At 13 she isrepparttar 149176 youngest winner ofrepparttar 149177 USGA Championship. 2001 - The term “Tiger Slam” was coined after Tiger Woods winsrepparttar 149178 Master's making himrepparttar 149179 first person to hold all four of Golf's major professional titles atrepparttar 149180 same time. Annika Sorenstam shoots 59 inrepparttar 149181 LPGA Tour. The attacks of 9/11 causedrepparttar 149182 Ryder's Cup to be delayed for a year. 2003 - Mike Weir winsrepparttar 149183 Masters becomesrepparttar 149184 second left-handed person to win a major championship. Michelle Wie won women's amateur Public Links. She isrepparttar 149185 youngest winner of an adult USGA Championship. Michelle Wie played in every men's event onrepparttar 149186 Canadian andrepparttar 149187 nationwide tour. She didn't make either cut. 2004 Michelle Wie is given an exemption intorepparttar 149188 PGA Tour Sony Open. She shoots 72-68 missingrepparttar 149189 cut by one stroke! Arnold Palmer plays The Masters forrepparttar 149190 fiftieth and very last time.

Golf has given us centuries of physical activity, excitement, and it has been and is exciting to watch a game in progress. Withinrepparttar 149191 last 250 years Golf hasn't changed all that much. For those who playrepparttar 149192 game, there are all kinds of resources available to improve their game.

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A Beginner's Guide to Buy Used Golf Clubs

Written by Andrew L

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The half set combination not only sufficient for most novice golfers onrepparttar golf course for every situation but also makes club selection much easier. It is a good combination of clubs to helprepparttar 149122 novice to improve their swing technique until they are good enough before they advance torepparttar 149123 full set golf clubs. Therefore, you have to make sure to select a golf model for your half set from a reputable manufacturer that can be added to at a later stage.

Golf Feels

The best way to purchase a used golf clubs is to actually hold them in your hand and swing them to get a feel for what you want. The feel of a golf club clearly seems to be all-important. But, what is 'feel'? There is no scientific formula that defines it. In general, feel can be described asrepparttar 149124 way a golfer feels a club when he or she swings it depends on its swing weight andrepparttar 149125 flexibility of its shaft.

Iron Club head

Look for club head that made of stainless steel and avoid inexpensive alloy heads. For beginner, you should selectrepparttar 149126 'heel-and-toe' (or, perimeter-weighted) club head design, cavity backed (hollowed out inrepparttar 149127 back) and over-sized golf club. You should get bigger club heads because they are more forgiving with enlarges 'sweet spot' that can produce maximum distance even with off-center contacts.

Golf Shafts

Graphite shafts is ideal for beginner even though it is more expensive that steel shafts. Its lighter overall weight allows beginner to swingrepparttar 149128 club faster even with enlarged clubhead.

Golf Grips

If you have purchased used golf clubs whererepparttar 149129 condition ofrepparttar 149130 grips could be less than perfect orrepparttar 149131 grips don't fit properly for you, then make sure you replace them. Grips are fairly easy and inexpensive to change by a pro or club repairman. Ensure allrepparttar 149132 grips are replaced with same size and design.

Finally, if you are just starting out with golf, chances are your swing is more likely to let you down rather thanrepparttar 149133 golf clubs itself. Having said that, it is still important to try outrepparttar 149134 golf clubs before buying them in order to find a golf club set that suits your swing, body and game. Most importantly, makes you feel confident when you use it.

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