History of Ethipian Coffee

Written by Randy Wilson

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Legend has it that around 900 A.D. a partial tract of an Ethiopian coffee plantation was given as dowry torepparttar family of an Arab coffee sultan whose son was to marryrepparttar 150237 daughter ofrepparttar 150238 plantation owner. The sultan was offended byrepparttar 150239 offering of ‘inferior’ Ethiopian coffee and beheaded and burnedrepparttar 150240 bride onrepparttar 150241 day ofrepparttar 150242 wedding. The plantation owner, a powerful man in his own right, retaliated by sending one of his sons to kill a daughter ofrepparttar 150243 sultan. The son fell in love withrepparttar 150244 daughter he was sent to kill and insteadrepparttar 150245 two eloped.

Uponrepparttar 150246 sons return withrepparttar 150247 girl he was supposed to kill,repparttar 150248 plantation owner saw an opportunity. As it isrepparttar 150249 family ofrepparttar 150250 bride who is obliged to provide dowry forrepparttar 150251 marriage,repparttar 150252 plantation owner decided to demand half ofrepparttar 150253 sultan’s coffee crops lest he would behead and burnrepparttar 150254 bride as well. The sultan reluctantly agreed. Afterrepparttar 150255 two were marriedrepparttar 150256 plantation owner beheaded and burnedrepparttar 150257 bride anyway, andrepparttar 150258 son, outraged, killed his father. Legend has it thatrepparttar 150259 son buried his bride inrepparttar 150260 coffee fields and namedrepparttar 150261 Ethiopian coffee afterrepparttar 150262 bride, her name was Coffea.

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Why Does Popcorn Pop

Written by Seth B.

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Without this moisture, pop corn will not pop. The best way to store popcorn is air tight containers and stored in a cool place like your cupboard or pantry.

As popcorn kernels heat uprepparttar moisture inside builds up and expands againstrepparttar 150213 hard starch shell. Eventuallyrepparttar 150214 hard surface gives way andrepparttar 150215 popcorn explodes. The soft heated starch burst, turning in side out.

Remember a refrigerator can most likely dry your popcorn out. If you find that your pop corn has dried out, you can rejuvenate them and still can get them to pop. Placerepparttar 150216 kernels in a jar a fill it full of water. It takes about three days butrepparttar 150217 water will re moisturizerepparttar 150218 kernel and that will causerepparttar 150219 kernels to pop.

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