Hip Hop Music Videos Meet The Film Festival Circuit

Written by Margaret Sang

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The film festival circuit is unspoiled by any impression of what Hip Hop should look like or sound like. It isrepparttar opportunity for underground rap artists and their directors to not only increase their audience, but to also share words and visuals that would normally get us stamped as “ Too Art house” or “Too Conscience” or “To Radical” or “To Controversial” by commercial outlets. Film festivals are made up of consumers and professionals looking towardsrepparttar 102800 next creative move outside ofrepparttar 102801 commercial world that may eventually broaden it.

“My goal is to not only influence film makers to start shooting music videos forrepparttar 102802 festival circuit, but to also influence underground Hip Hop artists to make music videos and begin usingrepparttar 102803 film festival circuit.” Brooks has started an advocacy to influence festivals to add a music video category. The Queens International Film Festival has asked him to help develop their 2005 fall season with a music video category. This isrepparttar 102804 opportunity for festival directors to widen their economy and Hip Hop artists to broaden their playground. Brooks predicts that local bar bands and underground Hip Hop groups will eventually floodrepparttar 102805 America festival market with enough underground Rock, Jazz, Punk, and Hip Hop music videos thatrepparttar 102806 category may begin to split into genres. Turning what use to be a venue to discover film-makers into one for discovering musicians as well.

“This is a Magic Bullets that could gentrify underground hip hop and forge a way for these passionate, intelligent, articulate, young gifted and black artists to express themselves in a market that does not have to compete withrepparttar 102807 stereotypical, commercially controlled musical kingpins.”

With inrepparttar 102808 past 6 months , ILLCOM’s music video “The Uprising” directed by Jesse Russell Brooks has received 11 awards and over $4000 dollars in cash grants from film festivals in America and abroad. The video has been screened in over 20 festivals in 2004 and is presently pending in over 45 festival competitions and 5 invited screenings for 2005. ILLCOM has sold morerepparttar 102809 10,000 units and is pending a national tour Fall 2005. The Video Link is listed below.

Jesse Russell Brooks is currently onrepparttar 102810 MakeBelieve Film rooster as a music video director in Los Angeles and is currently in pre production on his next Hip Hop Music project. He is also a public speaker and film advocate whose goal is to influence underground Hip Hop artists aroundrepparttar 102811 globe to make music videos and compete inrepparttar 102812 Film Festival Market.

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Spaghetti Junction Urban Film Festival WWW.SJUFF.COM

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Margeret Sang has Written articles focusing on the Music and Film for Ezines and Collage press for 3 years.

Hollander Consultants Named One of the Hundred Best Companies to Work for in Oregon

Written by Matthew Bratschi

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Larry Silver, President of Hollander Consultants, stated, “Placing inrepparttar top 50 ofrepparttar 102799 thousands of businesses in Oregon is certainly a testimony torepparttar 102800 care we take of our staff. We certainly appreciate that our staff feels so strongly aboutrepparttar 102801 company. Since we not only placed 5th inrepparttar 102802 employee career development and learning category, but also 6th inrepparttar 102803 category of performance management and rewards, our employees really appreciaterepparttar 102804 effort we take to ensure they are recognized forrepparttar 102805 work they do. This is very gratifying as a business owner and a skill we teach our clients to do as well, as they are all also business owners.”

Hollander Consultants is one ofrepparttar 102806 leading consulting firms inrepparttar 102807 United States and Canada forrepparttar 102808 combined dentistry, optometry and veterinary professions, and usesrepparttar 102809 administrative systems developed by business management pioneer, L. Ron Hubbard. Hollander Consultants can be found online at www.hollanderconsultants.com. Hollander Consultants also maintains an online quarterly magazine, Solutions, which is located at www.solutionsmags.com.

Director of Public Affairs

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