Hills and holes: Not part of your landscaping design?

Written by L. J. Bruton

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There are five basic types of treatment for anthills and other insects: chemical insecticides, biological insecticides, botanical insecticides, insecticide soaps and predatory insects (remember- some are your friend!). There may also be specific types for specific insects. Weigh each option and choose which one fits your needsrepparttar best.

Moles and gophers are two ofrepparttar 113406 most common animal pests, and due to striking similarities they are often confused. Both animals build tunnels under your lawns, but that does not mean they arerepparttar 113407 same. These two have many things that set them apart from one another. Moles are smaller than gophers, and have pointed snouts and large front claws. They do not feed on your lawn, butrepparttar 113408 insects that dwell within. Sounds like they are helping you withrepparttar 113409 insects? Maybe, butrepparttar 113410 moles' tunnels leave mounds of dirt onrepparttar 113411 ground above, and their shallow tunnels cause uneven ground.

Gophers,repparttar 113412 largest ofrepparttar 113413 pesky pair, have buckteeth and small ears. These creatures love to dine on your grass and plant roots. Gophers also leave mounds of dirt, but they do far more damage underground, causing sinkholes. While your green may not encompass as many acres ofrepparttar 113414 turf inrepparttar 113415 movie Caddyshack, they can cause just as much recurring trouble. Getting rids of gophers and moles leads to one grand solution- killing them. There are also more conventional methods, such as traps.

The best way to deal with pests though is to perhaps not have them at all. This can be achieved by taking preventative measures in your lawn. But of course, nature has a mind of its own!

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Guide to basic Lawn Mower Maintenance

Written by Keith Kingston

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Cleanrepparttar battery terminals and replace your old lawn mower battery if necessary. You can help prevent corrosion ofrepparttar 113405 terminals if you apply grease torepparttar 113406 posts atrepparttar 113407 end of each mowing season. Changerepparttar 113408 oil inrepparttar 113409 engine crankcase and replacerepparttar 113410 oil filter. You should also drainrepparttar 113411 gas from your lawn mower before storing it forrepparttar 113412 winter. Duringrepparttar 113413 long summer mowing season, remember to wash your lawn mower and remove any debris afterrepparttar 113414 mower has cooled. Keeping your lawn mower clean will add years to its life and make routine maintenance tasks a lot easier.

Lawn mowing is a job most of us face each and every year. A lawn mower that runs great and is well maintained will make this job more enjoyable and easier all summer long. A yearly check up for your lawn mower isrepparttar 113415 perfect way to prolong its life and keep it running like new, and your lawn will look great when you mow with a machine that is in top working condition. Your lawn mower will perform atrepparttar 113416 highest level possible if you remember to perform these simple maintenance tasks each and every year. Duringrepparttar 113417 summer months periodically checkrepparttar 113418 oil andrepparttar 113419 condition ofrepparttar 113420 air and fuel filters. You will save money and your lawn mower will work great for years to come.

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