Hilary Duff- Way Over Exposed!!!

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It's a shame Hilary Duff isn't allowed to grow up. She has to maintain her image to maintain her status inrepparttar biz along with her paycheck. Hopefully Lalaine will get a record deal and blow this over done blonde twit away. Jealous? Anyone can dye thier hair blonde and act all cute. She's got contacts in hollywood going for her. Hopefully she'll stop singing and move on to preschool shows where she'll fit in withrepparttar 149897 every growing children of today's world.

Talent is wasted, looks are sadly the future. Or maybe it's acting years younger then you are.

Costumes! Do They Reflect On Your True Personality?

Written by William Lezubski

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Cat Costume: Every Halloween would not berepparttar same if you didn't seerepparttar 149870 feline creature prowling around at your favorite party! This person has independence written all over them, and they love to playrepparttar 149871 game. Their seductive personality, and sensual moves easily draw in their prey for a playful night. You're very comfortable in your own skin, and being thatrepparttar 149872 outfit is made up of sleek black designer fabric with sexy nylons, high heel shoes, and a little trim of fur forrepparttar 149873 tail, definitely expressesrepparttar 149874 true kitten in you.

Cleopatra Costume: Trulyrepparttar 149875 most memorable woman in Egyptian history, and someone with a passionate character wearing this outfit tells us you love control and power! You have complete confidence in your physical appearance, and you use that to your absolute advantage to hypnotizerepparttar 149876 crowd. You also thrive on attention, and you get it by showing off your flashy gold jewelry, torepparttar 149877 sensual Egypt influenced dress topped off with her infamous decoration headpieces shaped as serpents.

I hope you had fun reading this article, and who knows maybe you might go against your character this year, and dress up as something different for Halloween! Just think, instead of being that Princess, you can berepparttar 149878 Gothic chic, or if you normally dorepparttar 149879 western thing, how about really shocking yourself and go as fairy, just a suggestion!

Whatever you decide to dress up as, remember that it's one time out ofrepparttar 149880 year that you can let your inhibitions go, and not only let people laugh with you, but also allow them laugh at you.

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