Hiking Sock Guide: Say Goodbye to Blisters?

Written by Marc Wiltse

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Shearing Force- This happens when your tissue is moving in opposite directions, like when jumping over a stream, or descending a steep slope. Part of your skin is moving one way andrepparttar tissue under it another, this causes a tearing action just underrepparttar 142993 surface ofrepparttar 142994 skin. This isrepparttar 142995 most common way of getting blisters.

Temperature- Good hiking socks need to be appropriate for their intended use, from a warm weather day hike to a week-long mountaineering trip. Once in their appropriate environment they should maintain a consistent comfortable temperature.

Like a shoe or boot your hiking socks should be matched torepparttar 142996 type of hiking you'll be doing.

Liners- Thin socks called liners are made to be worn under your hiking socks next to your skin so they can wickrepparttar 142997 moisture away and keep your feet dry...

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Bowling Etiquette - Do's & Don'ts

Written by Balaji B

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6) DON'T bring food or drink intorepparttar settee or bowlers area, a drop of liquid or any type of foreign substance spilled onrepparttar 142992 approach could cause a slip and serious injury.

7) DO wait until you have completedrepparttar 142993 frame before checking your score. Don't come back torepparttar 142994 scorekeeper afterrepparttar 142995 first ball has been rolled.

8) DON'T bench jockey while others are bowling. Friendly bantering is an accepted part ofrepparttar 142996 sport, but don't overdo it. Be a good competitor.

9) DO return your bowling shoes torepparttar 142997 counter control desk after bowling, and if you've borrowed a 'house ball' return it torepparttar 142998 storage rack.

10) DON'T linger atrepparttar 142999 foul line after releasingrepparttar 143000 ball. As soon as your ball hitsrepparttar 143001 pins return to your seat.

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