Highest Law...conclusion

Written by Terry Dashner

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In America throughoutrepparttar 18th and 19th centuriesrepparttar 113458 concept of faith, instead of reason, was taking a beating. The Enlightened authors ofrepparttar 113459 18th century questioned all things that could not be proven by either inductive or deductive reasoning. When Darwin published his works inrepparttar 113460 19th century, it only added fuel torepparttar 113461 fires ofrepparttar 113462 enlightened class of intellectuals who believed that organized religion was doing more harm to societies than good. Along with Darwin’s ideas arose other thinkers, and traditional thoughts of theology went into a step decline. Some Bible scholars and philosophers began to argue that God was dead (Nietzche—“God is dead and we have killed Him”) and nihilism (reject all established authority), and Utilitarianism (to weird for me to explain). This decline in traditional beliefs of theology that had held constant sincerepparttar 113463 Apostles was affectingrepparttar 113464 social fabric of America. Schools, especially higher institutions of learning, were embracing a new theology called modernism. The rebellion against traditional faith came to a crescendo inrepparttar 113465 1960s. America’s Supreme Court judges began propounding philosophical law that supported modernism—prayer in school was banned. Inrepparttar 113466 1970s abortion rights activists were successful inrepparttar 113467 ruling of Roe-v-Wade. Today after 30 years of modernism influencing our courts, now we’ve come torepparttar 113468 post-modern era. Things are getting wackier. For example, who in their right mind would have suggested thirty years ago that same sex couples would one day wed legally? Things are spinning out of control.

We need a Revival inrepparttar 113469 land. We need to stand up and preachrepparttar 113470 Gospel without compromise. We need to combat our federal judges that rule againstrepparttar 113471 will ofrepparttar 113472 people on issues likerepparttar 113473 banning of partial birth abortions and same sex marriage. America needs a spiritual boost to sayrepparttar 113474 least. We,repparttar 113475 church, must teachrepparttar 113476 dangers of post modernism. Post modernism is nothing more thanrepparttar 113477 “wiles ofrepparttar 113478 devil” creeping into American society “unawares” because Satan has caught Christians asleep at their posts. We must awaken to righteousness and speak truth. We’ve got to stand up and be counted. Here are some ways we can be counted: (1) Pray for America (2) Witness our faith without compromise (3) tell our Representatives how we believe (4) Register and vote in elections. (5) Join active ministries that keep us informed aboutrepparttar 113479 work ofrepparttar 113480 evil one—the devil—inrepparttar 113481 governments of men as well asrepparttar 113482 “world.” Stay encouraged! Jesus has given us all authority to advance His kingdom among men.

I bless you, and I pray that God would continue to bless this great land we call America.

Pastor Terry Dashner

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Highest Law...lesson two

Written by Terry Dashner

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Faith Fellowship Church…PO Box 1586…Broken Arrow, OK 74013…918-451-0270…Pastor Terry Dashner

the world throughrepparttar Jewish race. Israel was groomed by God, at times severely (dispersion, gentile rule, and etc.), in order to accomplish His purpose of deliveringrepparttar 113457 world through Israel’s Messiah. Jesus Christ lived in Israel duringrepparttar 113458 time of Roman occupation---gentile rule. Because of His humble roots, not all Jews believed He was their Messiah. He didn’t fitrepparttar 113459 part. The Jews were looking for a political ruler that would lead them againstrepparttar 113460 Romans and establish God’s Kingdom, once and for all, onrepparttar 113461 face ofrepparttar 113462 earth. When Jesus died onrepparttar 113463 crossrepparttar 113464 Jews were justified in their belief. Jesus was no Messiah, or so they thought. Seventy years later, Israel was crushed underrepparttar 113465 foot of Rome andrepparttar 113466 Jews were scattered through outrepparttar 113467 world once again (Jesus had predicted this). The Jews would not reclaim Palestine, their ancient lands, until 1948.

When Christianity was in its infancy, it was considered just another sect ofrepparttar 113468 Hebrew religion. It carried outrepparttar 113469 same philosophies asrepparttar 113470 Jews, preached fromrepparttar 113471 same scriptures (Old Testament) asrepparttar 113472 Jews, and centered inrepparttar 113473 same capital asrepparttar 113474 Jews—Jerusalem. It wasn’t until Jerusalem was destroyed byrepparttar 113475 Romans in 70 AD that Christianity stood as a separate and distinct religion from Jews inrepparttar 113476 eyes of Rome. Also, at this timerepparttar 113477 church, still relatively small, was persecuted relentlessly by Rome as an unlawful religious sect. Notwithstandingrepparttar 113478 plight ofrepparttar 113479 Christians by Rome, Christians continued to elevate human life as sacred, just asrepparttar 113480 Jews had done before them. That was notrepparttar 113481 case forrepparttar 113482 pagan Romans.

Rome cheapened life. Rome began its decline morally duringrepparttar 113483 last days ofrepparttar 113484 Republic and continuedrepparttar 113485 decline throughoutrepparttar 113486 Pax Romana. Contentment was replaced by greed. People looked torepparttar 113487 government to supply free grain and public amusements. Family life disintegrated, divorce and immorality abounded, and superstition increased. Oncerepparttar 113488 backbone of Rome, a hard-working patriotic citizen was now hard to find. The Roman father hadrepparttar 113489 right to accept or rejectrepparttar 113490 birth of his children. The life of a divorced woman was terrible. She ranked withrepparttar 113491 cattle ofrepparttar 113492 field. Infanticide was rampant. Byrepparttar 113493 third century, mighty Rome was over run with barbarians. The Roman Empire was no longer. Christianity was lifted to prominence withrepparttar 113494 Edict of Constantine. It becamerepparttar 113495 official religion ofrepparttar 113496 Roman Empire whenrepparttar 113497 capital of Rome was moved fromrepparttar 113498 west torepparttar 113499 east. Christianity did much to restore morality and liftrepparttar 113500 sanctity of human life to a higher place inrepparttar 113501 state. Unfortunately,repparttar 113502 church went through a decline duringrepparttar 113503 years that followed and was sometimesrepparttar 113504 culprit in loweringrepparttar 113505 sanctity of life immorality ofrepparttar 113506 priesthood,repparttar 113507 dark ages,repparttar 113508 misappropriation of scriptural truths, andrepparttar 113509 Crusades).

“The Dawning of a New Day”

To be continued…

God Bless America!

Pastor Terry Dashner, Faith Fellowship Church, Broken Arrow, OK 74013

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