High impact on your business, Low impact on your wallet.

Written by Gareth Longbottom

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It's also one ofrepparttar most under used tactics.

Like I said earlier, you must be prepared to invest a large amonunt of your time into your business if you follow this route.

Hey, it's your business, you are putting inrepparttar 102441 hours to help change and shape your future so don't fall intorepparttar 102442 trap of thinking you should be spending all your time onrepparttar 102443 search engines. If you learn how to do this next step effectively you will generate a good rate of traffic to your site and over time it will create you a viral advertising effect!

Writing articles ___________ One ofrepparttar 102444 tried and tested free ways to get visitors to your web site is to write and submit articles to ezine and newsletter publishers on a topic that relates to your web site. I personally think this isrepparttar 102445 way to go if you're low on advertising funds.

Only write articles that relate torepparttar 102446 web site you want to promote.

If a person clicks on a link in your article about fishing and they are sent to a web site selling sewing machines, you can bet they won't ever read another article with your name on it again and your credibility will be lost for good withrepparttar 102447 reader. If your article happened to get picked up by a publisher with a 30,000 subscriber base you just lost a big chunk of potential customers.

So you need to focus your efforts onrepparttar 102448 subject of your website.

Also atrepparttar 102449 bottom of every article you write you *must* add a resource box giving a little bit of information about your web site or autoresponder course and whatrepparttar 102450 reader can expect by visiting your site or submitting their email address to your autoresponder. Also you need to include a link torepparttar 102451 web site or autoresponder. (see bottom of article)

The bottom line:

Credibility is what will give you a long and successul online business and also get visitors and customers to put their trust in you. Treat visitors to your site and those who give you their contact details in a way you would like to be treated and you will earn their trust.

Once you have their trust it's only a matter of time before they become your customers.

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Is Adsense Going To Turn Associate Programs Obsolete

Written by Rich Hamilton, Jr

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Adsense does not rotate their advertisements, so eventually your click through ratio will decrease, as repeat visitors are less likely to click through them. Eventually, I'm sure Google will improverepparttar way it does it's content targeting and start rotating their advertisements. By promoting an Associate Program you can simply changerepparttar 102440 wording ofrepparttar 102441 advertisement, but with Adsense you can't do that, you have your hands tied behind your back.

Adsense's stats are terrible, they don't tell you which advertisements your visitors are clicking through or which keywords are involved. Google supplies Adwords users withrepparttar 102442 adequate stats, you would think that they would dorepparttar 102443 same for their Adsense partners.

You should keep in mind that any advertisement that is on your web site, is portrayed to be your recommendation. If you are advertising a poor product or service on your web site, it will reflect on your credibility. Any product or service that you promote, should be a reliable one. Otherwise people will assume that you have poor judgement and it will hurt your credibility. By promoting Associate Programs, you can pick and choose quality products or services to promote, giving you full control, without damaging your credibility.

Which Associate Programs Will Prevail

Even though Adsense has a substantial amount of disadvantages, it will still have a major affect on a lot of Associate Programs that are currently operating today. In fact, you could say it's a wake up call for many merchants, especially forrepparttar 102444 ones who operate a poor Associate Program. So if you operate your own Associate Program, that has a low commission percentage and/or has a poor conservation rate, now might be a good time to start thinking seriously about improving your Associate Program.

As to which Associate Programs will survive and prevail over Google's Adsense, it will be determined by a number of things. In order for Associate Programs to prevail, they will need to offer a high commission percentage of 40% or higher, have a high conservation rate of 1% or higher, and be a breeze to promote.

Inrepparttar 102445 end, Google's Adsense is merely just another avenue of generating profits on your web site. Associate Programs will not become obsolete. Moreover, they will filter outrepparttar 102446 good Associate Programs from those that are bad, and onlyrepparttar 102447 quality ones will prevail.

Moreover, you can expect that Google will improve their Adsense campaign overtime, proving that they are a worthy adversary torepparttar 102448 Associate Program industry. You must be able to adapt and improve as changes occur.

Rich Hamilton, Jr isrepparttar 102449 CEO/President of http://www.ElitesMarketing.com. You can start earning cash today by joining our FREE Two Tier Associate Program and make $45 - $270 per sale http://www.ElitesMarketing.com/assoc/.

Rich Hamilton, Jr is the CEO/President of http://www.ElitesMarketing.com. You can start earning cash today by joining our FREE Two Tier Associate Program and make $45 - $270 per sale http://www.ElitesMarketing.com/assoc/.

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