High Speed Wireless Internet for Las Vegas Locals

Written by Kimberly Freeman

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LasVegas.Net has nowrepparttar new technology for you that make an easy way to get internet. Communicating with your customers and suppliers overrepparttar 143588 internet is becoming more important than ever. With today's fast paced business world, you can't afford not to have wireless internet services. LasVegas.net offers wireless internet access that’s more than 10 times faster than that of a 28.8 Kbps modem connection. Using Las Vegas wireless internet access, you will always be online 24/7, meaning you’re always connected torepparttar 143589 internet, with never a busy signal. Las Vegas wireless internet isrepparttar 143590 way ofrepparttar 143591 future, but it is still relatively new torepparttar 143592 area. Most ofrepparttar 143593 internet community has heard of DSL, ISDN, and Cable, but few have heard of a wireless internet connections. The wireless internet equipment consists of access units (which transmitrepparttar 143594 signal), and suscriber units (which recieverepparttar 143595 signal, can be an antenna or something similar to a dish). This wireless internet equipment can allow someone to surfrepparttar 143596 internet at speeds faster than DSL and Cable.

Contact Information: Wireless Services: http://lasvegas.net/las_vegas_internet_access_wireless.html Las Vegas Services: http://www.LasVegas.Net


Vote "No Confidence" In SSL

Written by Erich Heintz

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My second concern wasrepparttar high emphasis onrepparttar 143557 use of SSL, more commonly known as “the little lock in your web browser”. The Federal Trade Commission lists it first in their “Shop Online Safely” bulletin which, in my opinion, overemphasizes its weight.

Once upon a time, SSL certificates were expensive and there was a relevant vetting process involved in having one issued. This has created a false belief that an SSL certificates contribute to a website’s legitimacy. In reality, a SSL certificate can be had for as little as five dollars by anybody who has a telephone number. An expensive Thawte or a Verisign issued certificate provides no more or less security than their cheaper counterparts. In fact, they don’t provide any more security than a “bad” certificate either. An expired or un-trusted certificate is equally effective at encrypting data as a premium cert. Many security and IT professionals work with these “bad” certificates everyday with full confidence that they are servingrepparttar 143558 purpose they need them to. SSL Encrypts Online Web Communications


Forrepparttar 143559 most part, SSL serves one function only; it secures repparttar 143560 communication between your web browser andrepparttar 143561 vendor’s web server atrepparttar 143562 time your data is transmitted. In reality, even this isn’t necessarily true. I’ve recently become aware that some SSL implementations haverepparttar 143563 option to setrepparttar 143564 encryption cipher as “plain text”, meaning that in spite of repparttar 143565 presence ofrepparttar 143566 lock, no encryption actually takes place.



In a nutshell, technology is not a substitute for due diligence. The presence of SSL should never be a weighing factor in deciding to purchase from a vendor, althoughrepparttar 143567 lack of it should be an immediate red flag to take your business elsewhere.

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Erich Heintz currently specializes in providing network and security solutions for small to medium businesses that frequently have to resolve the conflict of need versus budget. If you would like to know more about computer security please visit us at http://www.defendingthenet.com.

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