High Profit Real Estate Investing--make A Good Deal Every Time!

Written by Richard Odessey

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The successful investors do deals with low risk. Deals that are so robust that even if almost everything went wrong they'd still come out with a profit.


For example, suppose you have a rental with a positive cashflow. Is your cashflow high enough or your option payment big enough, that even if you had to evict your tenant for non-payment and it took you 2 months to fill it with another cash-paying customer, you'd still come out ahead?

Or, is your investment to value so low that even if you had to offer your buyer a big discount for a quick sale, you'd still walk away fromrepparttar closing table with a fat check?

In real estate things can and usually do go wrong. It's Normal. So, wouldn't you like all your deals to have these kinds of safety margins?


Now, if you knew in advance that your risk was too high, or your cashflow was too low, or your profit overrepparttar 142292 life ofrepparttar 142293 deal wasn't enough, you'd want to think of solutions.

This is what is meant by being a "transaction engineer". Findrepparttar 142294 solution, fixrepparttar 142295 problem, test it onrepparttar 142296 numbers, and then negotiate it intorepparttar 142297 deal.

And if you can't find a solution (but there always is one) orrepparttar 142298 seller won't accept it—NEXT!


I can tell you from real experience, a bad or risky deal is NEVER WORTH DOING—no matter how enticingrepparttar 142299 vision. The personal stress, heartache, and loss of confidence can be even more harmless thanrepparttar 142300 potential financial loss. Inrepparttar 142301 words of an ex-president's wife, if you are faced with doing a bad deal—Just say No!


Some experienced investors have a feel for good deals, and can avoid trouble most ofrepparttar 142302 time. Others only do a particular type of deal and use a rough "rule of thumb" to evaluate their risk and profit.

However, what's really needed is a "calculator" or computer program that will take in allrepparttar 142303 variables and

> Calculaterepparttar 142304 exact profit and cashflow for all kinds of deals. > Measure and Evaluaterepparttar 142305 financial risk inrepparttar 142306 deal > Use standard and safe criteria for what constitutes a good deal > Suggests alternatives to fix what is wrong


We've taken tons of real estate courses and looked at all kinds of real estate software, and nothing has come close to what we as investors need. So we decided to create our own Deal Evaluation Tool.

Well after several months of testing and improvement, we now use it for all our deals—short sales, subject to, lease option, rehab, wholesaling, and even some commercial.

Since we can try out different "what-if" scenarios, it's kept us away from some real pitfalls, and helped us negotiate better profit margins. We wouldn't "leave home without it".


Well, some other investors wanted to try it, so we put it on our website. Much to our delight we now have a community of users and a users group that shares their insights about doing deals and creative ways to userepparttar 142307 Deal Evaluation Tool.

Their suggestions, are leading to a rapid improvement of already incredibly useful tool. There is just nothing out there like it. We've also put a demo up for those investors who would like to get a feel for using it. And we hold classes for new users.

Knowing allrepparttar 142308 numbers, and having evaluated our risks withrepparttar 142309 Deal Evaluation Tool gives us more confidence in negotiating deals with sellers and more consistent high profit real estate deals.

And that's what we all want, isn't it.

Best of Success,

Richard Odessey

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How can you afford NOT to hire a Professional Organizer?

Written by Kyna Morrison

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I bet you've read some of those 'Organizing' books. Have you had time to implement allrepparttar good ideas you read? OK, how about a few of them? Your life could run so much smoother. To what extent are your parents organized? Are they still inrepparttar 142097 same house they've been in for many years? Are they organized? Maybe someone could help them? No, no, I bet that's on your list of things to do. Kids are grown and gone but you still have their what??? Maybe a few trips to a charitable organization? A yard sale? Imagine your closet organized?? By color? By style? By season? Can you conceiverepparttar 142098 mail, bills etc., organized? Simple files where you can find everything & anything when you need it? That was such a good idea when you read it in that book, I know. Do you still have friends over to visit? Has 'it' taken control of your life? 'It' can be worked on, giving you piece of mind, less stress, more time and just overall make you feel better! Let's CHANGE your life! The purpose of our business is to serverepparttar 142099 needs of our clients.

I have been working in the Organizing, time management field for approx. 30 years. I absolutely love what I do. When I can make someone smile, I've done my job!

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