Hidden information is stored on your computer about every url you ever visit

Written by Sue Edmondson

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How do I view my index.dat files?

If you are in Windows, even with "Show hidden files and folders" enabled, index.dat files are not visible and cannot be found if you do a search for index.dat files. The reason that these files are so invisible is that they are not just hidden, they have been designated as "system" files. System files and folders are treated differently in DOS and Windows and are effectively cloaked from casual searches. They can be viewed using a Dos based programme such as StupenDos

How do I delete my index.dat files?

In order to delete these files you will need a Dos based programme such as StupenDos

StupenDos is available free from http://www.sharewarejunkies.com/8s3/stupendo.htm

However before deleting your index.dat files you must first clean up your hard driving by deleting All Cookies Your History Your temporary Internet files

If you delete your index.dat files before cleaning up your hard driverepparttar index.dat files will userepparttar 137466 information contained on your hard drive to re-write themselves (to their original state prior to deletion)

Having cleaned up your hard drive, then deleted your index.dat files you will need to reboot. Then you will then discover that your PC has written new (clean) index.dat files. These files will remain clean until you log onrepparttar 137467 Internet, then they will again begin gathering information on your Internet activities.

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3 Things You Must Know About Spyware

Written by Richard Martin

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3)You need to get some form of protection against spyware. There are all sorts of companies out there claiming to haverepparttar magic cure for spyware. Some work fantastically, some don't work as well. Findingrepparttar 137416 spyware removal “silver bullet” isn't as hard as it seems, but it does take some work and a little bit of research. I use several programs on my new machine that I am typing this on. The hardest part is getting spyware off of your machine once it is installed, so you don't want it to get on your machine to begin with. Usingrepparttar 137417 right type of browser (as mentioned above) is one ofrepparttar 137418 best ways to insure you don't have to spend a lot of time cleaning your machine.

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