"Hey, You Can't Ask Me That!" (How to Respond to Inappropriate Job Interview Questions)

Written by Bonnie Lowe

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So without directly answering their question, try to address their underlying concern. In this instance you might say, "My career is very important to me. I'm fully committed to performing at my highest level at all times, and don't allow any kind of distractions to interfere with that. I'll deliverrepparttar results you're looking for."

If you're not sure what their true concern is, ask something like "Could you please rephrase or elaborate on your question? I want to make sure I address your concern."

Please realize that many interviewers are untrained and therefore unaware that a question they might ask to breakrepparttar 125369 ice -- such as "Do you have any kids?" -- is inappropriate. Yes, this question may be an attempt to determine if you have child-care issues that could interfere with your job... but it's MORE likely thatrepparttar 125370 interviewer is innocently trying to find something he/she has in common with you.

Inrepparttar 125371 end, it's basically a judgment call on your part. If you feelrepparttar 125372 interviewer has no legitimate reason to ask an inappropriate question, and you do not want to answer it, say "I'm sorry, but I don't see how that has any relevance to my ability to do this job." You might runrepparttar 125373 risk of losingrepparttar 125374 job, but if your gut instinct is telling you there's something amiss, you wouldn't want to work for that person anyway.

Here's a list of some questions --repparttar 125375 wrong way, andrepparttar 125376 right way, to obtain legitimate information:

Inappropriate: Are you a U.S. citizen? OK: Are you authorized to work inrepparttar 125377 United States?

Inappropriate: How old are you? OK: Are you overrepparttar 125378 age of 18?

Inappropriate: What's your marital status? Do you have children? OK: Would you be able and willing to work overtime as necessary?

Inappropriate: How much do you weigh? Do you have any disabilities? OK: Are you able to performrepparttar 125379 physical duties required in this job, with or without reasonable accommodations?

Inappropriate: Have you ever been arrested? OK: Have you ever been convicted of _____? (The crime should be reasonably related torepparttar 125380 performance ofrepparttar 125381 job in question.)

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The Dangers of Bingo

Written by Online Bingo

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The chant has been that online gambling is a safer option. Credit card fraud is deemed to be much lower, it is easier to track winnings and there is no risk in carrying large amounts of cash around late at night. You are inrepparttar comfort and security of your own home. The problem is that this is very much part ofrepparttar 125368 problem for compulsive gamblers. A bingo game onrepparttar 125369 internet is very different to a bingo game in a social atmosphere. The object of playing purely for money seems to be exemplified byrepparttar 125370 fact that one does not even have to check one’s own cards. It is automatically scanned byrepparttar 125371 bingo site. There are few limits, no way of seeing ifrepparttar 125372 player is a minor or intoxicated andrepparttar 125373 mental and social stimulation are abundantly missing. There is concern that people may be retreating further and further intorepparttar 125374 comfort and security ofrepparttar 125375 artificiality of a screen in order to avoidrepparttar 125376 dangers outside.

The Governor ofrepparttar 125377 state of Washington decided that a large threat torepparttar 125378 people of that state wasrepparttar 125379 concept of playing bingo too frequently. There is concern thatrepparttar 125380 game is taken too nonchalantly inrepparttar 125381 debate on compulsive gambling. It is, after all a game that is easy to become addicted to. As bingo becomes more and more popular,repparttar 125382 cash prizes have become higher and higher andrepparttar 125383 variety and options of games are becoming more and more expansive.

Atrepparttar 125384 end ofrepparttar 125385 day however, bingo is still a comparatively low-risk pastime. It can be enjoyable, social and a great way to spend an evening. Perhaps all that is needed is just a remembrance that it is still a form of gambling, whether played in a church hall or a Vegas casino and that although lower in threat,repparttar 125386 dangers are still always present.

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