Hey, Why Are You Recording My Name?

Written by Alan Yap

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Even if they don't reply to my autoresponder, I still get their email addresses. :-)

Still can't figure out how this works? Then see it in action! Just go to http://www.profitjump.com and do a subscription request. You'll getrepparttar picture in a minute.

Now I'm not going to leave you hanging there. You can implement what I've done right away. Here arerepparttar 127530 resources:

1) To set up a form page (where subscribers give you their email addresses):

http://cgi.tj/scripts/alienform - what I use

http://cgi-resources.com - choose from a collection of CGI scripts

2) Autoresponder:

http://www.autobots.net - I prefer this to others as it does not carry any annoying advertisements

3) Software to organize and send your personalized emails:

http://www.group-mail.com - This award winning software will solve many of your email management problems.

When you ask for your subscribers' names right fromrepparttar 127531 start, they become defensive and may even reconsider subscribing to your ezine. Or they may just give you fake names which really defeatsrepparttar 127532 whole purpose. Don't let them! Ask for their names only after they have subscribed. It is usually easier that way.

Remember: More Subscribers + Personalized Emails = Double Your Sales!

Alan Yap, founding editor of ProfitJump. Learn the "unconventional" tricks that he uses to grow his ezine to 4,000+ subscribers in just 2 months! Visit http://www.profitjump.com or subscribe at mailto:subscribe@profitjump.com and receive 3 Bonus Reports.

Building a Referral-Friendly Business

Written by Angela Wu

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For example, offer a referral bonus or discount. Offer free gifts, extra entries into a contest, whatever is appropriate for your business. And ALWAYS send a thank- you note and possibly even a small gift torepparttar referrer ... regardless of whether or notrepparttar 127529 person he referred becomes a customer. This will show that you appreciate him thinking of you. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and he'll be more likely to continue to send referrals your way. You never know -- someone he refers inrepparttar 127530 future might very well become a customer!

Another example of how to generate referrals is to write articles and distribute them aroundrepparttar 127531 Internet. Once again, if you get published you instantly have more credibility -- you build an "expert" status, so to speak. Many article syndication sites offer a feature that allowsrepparttar 127532 reader to emailrepparttar 127533 article to a friend... and articles are often passed around from person to person through email.

In both ofrepparttar 127534 above cases, your business automatically has more "clout" than, say, if a prospect were to simply visit your website. Inrepparttar 127535 case of a referral,repparttar 127536 prospect has already been at least partially influenced by his or her friend or contact... which makes your job of converting him to a paying customer that much easier!

A referral-friendly business is one which can continue to send you new customers day after day, year after year. Encourage it and reward it!

Angela Wu is the editor of Online Business Basics, an exclusive newsletter for eBusiness beginners. Visit her online today at http://onlinebusinessbasics.com/article.html OR mailto:businessbasics@workyourleads.com for a series of 10 free reports on building a business on the web.

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