Hey, Me! Get Out of My Way

Written by David Stoddard

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- I don't haverepparttar time or money: Need to evaluate priorities. Arerepparttar 123901 things which take up your time more important that what you would like to do? Can you begin to change things in some ways to save more? This one will take a bit of work and some sacrifice if you really want to do something else.

- I'm too old/young: Colonel Sanders was in his eighties when he began his Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. Anne Frank was a young girl when she wrote her diary which is still published and read throughoutrepparttar 123902 world.

- I don't know what I want to do: You may not know exactly what you want to do, but there is something inrepparttar 123903 back of your mind that is important. Especially if you know you're not happy in what you are doing now, you know there is more you want out of life.

- I want to do too much: No one says you can't do a little of everything. Just have to pick one that will setrepparttar 123904 groundwork forrepparttar 123905 others. Find what isrepparttar 123906 common thread inrepparttar 123907 things you would like, and start there. You can branch off once that foundation is in place.

- The universe is out to get me: Not at all. Once you make up your mind and begin heading in some direction,repparttar 123908 universe will open up in ways you can't see right now. People will come into your life, events will take place, and you will begin to see a bit further each day. But you have to makerepparttar 123909 first moves.

Motivational speaker Les Brown in his book "It's Not Over Until You Win," tells a story of a keynote speaker at a National Speakers Association conference he attended. The speaker was perhapsrepparttar 123910 worst speaker Les had ever heard. Byrepparttar 123911 end of his presentation, more than two-thirds ofrepparttar 123912 audience had walked out.

The speaker, noticing this said something that pretty much sums up this column.

"The reason I am up here (Doing) and you are sitting down there (watching) is because I representrepparttar 123913 thoughts you have rejected for yourself."

Just something to think about.

David is a motivational writer and speaker. His e-book "Qué Sera Sera – The Book," is available at his website at http://www.djstoddard.net/newbook.html. Subscribers to his newsletter "Qué Sera Sera" receive the free booklet "In Search Of Ourselves" Visit http://www.djstoddard.net

Music of the Heart Will Not Be Silent

Written by Stephanie West Allen

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We all have our genius with which we can make our world and that of others a more beautiful place. Part of being a member ofrepparttar brotherhood of man is sharing our gifts with each other. What will bring your tear of joy?

And one more question, who in your life gently turns you around when you are facing inrepparttar 123900 wrong direction so you can see your standing ovation?

And Today . . .

Read these words from “Ode to Joy”:

“Let us raise our voices in more pleasing and more joyful sounds!”

Sing today. Sing, sing, singrepparttar 123901 happiest songs you know. Asrepparttar 123902 words flow out of your mouth with gusto, feel every cell in your body spinning and dancing and cavorting with joy. Each song will be a workout of gladness for your whole being. Yeah, it may feel silly at first but do it anyway. Soonrepparttar 123903 happiness will permeate you and all feelings of silliness will fly outrepparttar 123904 window, never to return.

Get others to sing with you. Let’s make this day an international day of song

if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot sing right that moment, hum in your head. Head humming is highly beneficial for you, too.

Make today a symphony of song and jubilation. And before you go to sleep, give yourself a rousing round of applause. What a day this can be.

Merry Method To Accelerate Success_. Excerpts at http://www.allen-nichols.com/success.cfm She coaches people in using the two Merry Maxims, WYTUG (What You Think Upon Grows) and LULU (Loosen Up, Lighten Up), to achieve health, wealth, creativity, and harmonized relationships. Contact her at mailto:Stephanie@allen-nichols.com

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