Hey, Free Agent, Did you eat breakfast today?

Written by Ellen Zucker

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So … did you eat breakfast today? And when you did, was it morning or 3 pm?

We self-employed folks tend to drive ourselves to gorepparttar extra mile. For too many of usrepparttar 142272 reason is fear. Fear that if we turn down a job there won’t be another.

We know that is illogical, but being self-employed means living with a great deal of financial risk. We often feel we can’t takerepparttar 142273 chance. So we take onrepparttar 142274 new project even though we are exhausted. Or, against our better judgment, we take on a new client whose behavior forewarns of difficulties ahead.

But there is much wisdom inrepparttar 142275 flight attendant’s canned speech that 'inrepparttar 142276 event of emergency, placerepparttar 142277 oxygen mask over your face' before assisting your children.

The logic is obvious. You can’t help your kids, or anyone else, if you lack basic oxygen.

When you take proper care of yourself, you work better and feel better. And that shows up onrepparttar 142278 bottom line.

So … did you eat breakfast today?

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Beauty doesn’t have to be Expensive

Written by Melanie Breeze

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If you are feeling adventurous and want to try a new cheaper brand, have no fear. Most websites will include a list of ingredients for all of their products. You can then compare this list with products that you have tried before. Look for products that have natural ingredients. If you can’t produce anything onrepparttar label, chances are its not a good deal. There are many companies that focus on creating cheap designer knock-offs, so you may get a fragrance or cologne for much less thanrepparttar 142271 name brand.

Buying beauty supplies online can be a lot of fun. You will be amazed atrepparttar 142272 level of savings, and pleased withrepparttar 142273 final product. Try getting together with friends and family members to compare beauty regimens. You may find a new product or item that you cannot live without. Always remember- beauty doesn’t have to be expensive!

Melanie Breeze, avid online shopper and user of CouponChief, is always shopping around for the best deals. You can find beauty supply bargains and savings available around the web at CouponChief, all in one location. Always find an online coupon 1st before making ANY purchase!

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