Heriatge Scrapbook Album Themes

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Geography: No, this is not a test! In times past, many of our families tended to live inrepparttar same community. Clustering is probablyrepparttar 141264 right word. Although a bit more challenging, create an album of their residences. Where did they live? Inrepparttar 141265 city? On a farm? While it may not be possible to showrepparttar 141266 actual house, it is possible to get a picture ofrepparttar 141267 location. Include a copy of a map from an atlas ofrepparttar 141268 time showing exactly where they lived, along with picture and/or biography ofrepparttar 141269 family. Again, include stories or recollections if available. As inrepparttar 141270 "Occupation" album, describe a typical day for a family in that time period. What wererepparttar 141271 major social influences ofrepparttar 141272 time? I remember grandma talking aboutrepparttar 141273 flu epidemic inrepparttar 141274 early 1900s causing many to be fearful to leave their house.

Potpourri: - Create an album of your favorite women or men. Tell a bit about them and why they're a favorite. - How about an album of family traditions, stories and folklore? Don't worry if they're true or not, preserve them andrepparttar 141275 people associated with them. - If you have family reunions, create an album of them to hand down to later generations.

Don't be overwhelmed... think themes!

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4 Steps to an Enjoyable Hike

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

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4. In addition to knowingrepparttar weather conditions, you will need to be prepared with a first aid kit that's appropriate forrepparttar 141189 hiking you will be doing. In most cases a simple kit will do. You can pick up a simple first aid kit at a local department or sporting goods store. Or you can build you own, which should include these basics: - Different sizes and shapes of bandages and gauzes. - Various types of tape for wounds or fixing tools. - Suntan lotion. - A light emergency blanket (preferably with some kind of water resistance). - Aspirin, allergy, laxative, and anti-diuretic medications. - Small multi-use tool with a knife, scissors, and a needle and thread. - A cell phone can come in very handy in emergencies.

It's a good idea to pack all of this in a waterproof bag or container.

Using these tips, your next hiking adventure should be quite comfortable, safe, and enjoyable!

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