Here an Ebook, There an Ebook

Written by Wayne Patterson

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The other way (preferred)is to find a good coach, someone that has already been successful in business that can guide you torepparttar information that you actually need. A good example is Fran Tarkenton at www.GosmallBiz.Com. Much ofrepparttar 108436 information is free and for a small fee you can ask consultants questions directly related to your own business. Another example is Ken Envoy at SiteSell. The amount of free information available from his site is amazing. Ken and Fran are interested in having you as a returning customer, not just a one time download. They provide you with enough information for fr*e so that you can make an informed decision before you purchase. You can receive one of Ken's books, The Service Sellers Masters Course, by sending a blank email to

The information Ken provides for free is much more valuable than other ebooks I have seen selling for 29.99.

I don't want to leave you withrepparttar 108437 impression that you should never buy an ebook. There are some that are worthrepparttar 108438 money and are time well spent. Only buy an ebook after you have exhaustedrepparttar 108439 free information and are ready forrepparttar 108440 advanced course. On our site Carolyn and I offer one free ebook on eBay when you subscribe to our ezine and there is one for purchase. After readingrepparttar 108441 free material you can then intelligently evaluaterepparttar 108442 other book and decide if you want to spend your money. Always remember that old adage "you can't judge an ebook by its cover."

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Getting more out of your visitors.

Written by Brian Holte

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I then ask for their name and email address and permission to send them information by autoresponder.

I was quite surprised how many people actually tookrepparttar time to answer these questions and give me their permission. Of course, if they didn't want to offer any input all they had to do was submitrepparttar 108435 feedback form without any information and they would still getrepparttar 108436 free ebook. Try implementing this on your site.

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