Here Comes the SPAM...

Written by Irina

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2. Replace your "mailto:" link with an IMAGE of your email address. To see an example go to rafficy/links.html Feel free to examinerepparttar HTML code ofrepparttar 132727 page by right- clicking anywhere inrepparttar 132728 window and then scrolling to "View source" inrepparttar 132729 drop-down menu. Instead of my email address you (and Uncle Spam Bot as well!) will only see a link to "emaddress.gif". In this case additional security brings about some inconvenience -repparttar 132730 address is not "clickable" and thus one has to memorize it or write it down. This slight disadvantage is circumvented inrepparttar 132731 next approach.

3. Replace several REAL characters in your email address with so-called SPECIAL characters. These special characters always begin with "&" and end with ";". Whatever is in between determines howrepparttar 132732 browser will interpret that particular special character. For example, typing "&" "#" "6" "4" ";" (without quotation marks and spaces) is equivalent to usingrepparttar 132733 real character "@".

If you are skeptical that this replacement alone is enough to foolrepparttar 132734 Spam Bot (that, byrepparttar 132735 way, makes two of us) - proceed with replacing other characters in your email address. Here is your cheat-sheet to substitute all vowels: a=#97, e=#101, i=#105, o=#111 and u=#117. Remember to start every special character with "&" and end with ";". You can see how it works by going to

My human visitors can see and click on my email address by using "Click here to get my email address" link. When viewingrepparttar 132736 code ofrepparttar 132737 little window, you will not find repparttar 132738 address in an explicit form - just a long string of special characters with some letters in between. This (hopefully!) is enough to confuse Spam Bots visiting my site.

We will never be able to totally eliminate SPAM that seems to come withrepparttar 132739 cyberspace "territory". Yet I should feel just a little better ifrepparttar 132740 above suggestions at least partially shield your inbox from unwelcome (and often very badly phrased) offers to consolidaterepparttar 132741 debts you don't have or safely enlarge a part of your body that... well, you do not have either.

Copyright (C) by Irina 2003.

=========================================================== Aboutrepparttar 132742 Author: Irina helps people save on healthcare and create steady stream of residual income working from home ===========================================================

Irina helps people save on healthcare and create steady stream of residual income working from home

How to Stop Spam Mail

Written by Herman Drost

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Mailwasher ( - provides an easy way to check and manage your emails before you download them.

There are free and paid versions of mailwasher.

Spamkiller (


*Block emails using both lists and preset filters *Update internal filters automatically *Filter MSN/Hotmail, POP3 and MAPI email *Create custom filters *Quarantine spam mail outside of your inbox *Import "friends" automatically into your safe list *Monitor and filter multiple email accounts *Fight back against spammers

Paid version only.

b) Server Side - software that resides on your server. This meansrepparttar spam mail will be deleted before it makes it to your inbox.

Ask your web host what spam mail software they carry and how to implement it. My web host uses spamassassin.

Spamassassin ( this is a mail filter widely used by ISPs to identify spam mail before it reaches your inbox. Check with your web host if it is already installed.

The spam-identification tactics used include:

header analysis - identifies spammers using tricks to mask their identities inrepparttar 132725 email header.

text analysis - identifies characteristic styles used by spammers inrepparttar 132726 body ofrepparttar 132727 email.

3) Get a free SpamCheck Report

Here is a FREE test you can do to make sure your newsletter gets through to your subscribers and is not stopped by spam software. Just send your newsletter to and you'll get back a full SpamCheck Report in seconds.

Make sure TEST startsrepparttar 132728 subject line or it will be ignored.

Now your readers can stay out ofrepparttar 132729 "Junk Mail Folder."

Use these techniques and tools to remove spam mail before it gets to you. You will gain more time and be able to concentrate more effectively on your business.

Herman Drost is the author of the NEW ebook "101 Highly Effective Strategies to Promote Your Web Site" a powerful guide for attracting 1000s of visitors to your web site. Subscribe to his “Marketing Tips” newsletter for more original articles. You can read more of his in-depth articles at:

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