Here Comes The Sun (signs) - Romance, Astrology And You (part One)

Written by Lucia

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7. WHERE IS THIS GOING? Nowhere fast if thatís your attitude. Guys want someone fun and easy to be with, not someone thatís constantly worrying aboutrepparttar future. His actions or non-actions will tell you where itís going. If itís going somewhere, youíll know it. If itís not, youíll know it too.

8. WE NEED TO TALK. This isrepparttar 140254 equivalent of, ďGo torepparttar 140255 principalís officeĒ. Guys know itís not going to be a fun conversation, so theyíre already onrepparttar 140256 defense. If you need to discuss something, just casually bring it up whenrepparttar 140257 both of you are relaxed. Donít try to talk to him when heís tired, stressed or trying to watch tv!

9. I HATE YOU! Even if you do, itís totally uncalled for and un-lady like. If thereís an issue, be mature enough to discuss it when youíre calm. If heís breaking up with you, reacting with anger may make you feel better temporarily, but itís best to remain calm and act unfazed. Heíll wonder why youíre so cool about it and that may make him re-think his decision. Always be pleasant during a break up. Do you want to be known asrepparttar 140258 girl that goes psycho if someone breaks up with her?? I didnít think so.

10. I DONíT TRUST YOU. What youíre actually saying is, ďYou need to step up your game, because I can see youíre up to something.Ē If he is up to something, heíll just become even sneakier. Better to think smart and act dumb-itíll be easier to getrepparttar 140259 evidence you need to confirm your suspicions.

Lucia is a dating and relationship expert, columnist, lecturer and host of the TV Show "The Art of Love". With over 20 years experience on the relationship market, Lucia's practical know-how makes her the perfect candidate to dispense advice Ė in almost every dating dilemma she has been there, done that and lived to tell about it. To read more articles, go to:

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