Herbs to help manage cholesterol

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problems as they increaserepparttar flow of bile. When these bile salts are bound by soluble fibres, your body will need to manufacture more bile salts fromrepparttar 150050 cholesterol inrepparttar 150051 blood, thereby loweringrepparttar 150052 cholesterol. Asrepparttar 150053 liver plays a role in regulatingrepparttar 150054 metabolism of fat, taking milk thistle and dandelion will help improve liver function, thus normalisingrepparttar 150055 triglycerides level. You should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and less red meat. Oats, apples and carrots contain water soluble fibres that help to regulaterepparttar 150056 blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Vitamins like A, C, E and zinc can be used to improverepparttar 150057 integrity ofrepparttar 150058 blood vessel walls. Clinical evidence also points to these nutrients beingrepparttar 150059 key to help prevent fats withinrepparttar 150060 blood from oxidising and causing damage torepparttar 150061 arteries.


Eating ... Gaining Weight ... How to Control the Urge to Splurge

Written by Michael Lee

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Distinguish specific cravings from hunger. Suppose you drive by a fast food outlet and all of a sudden, you develop a deep craving for French fries. Rather than rushing downrepparttar drive thru section, reassess your urge. Turn on your favorite music and switch your attention away fromrepparttar 150049 fries idea. Suppose, onrepparttar 150050 other hand, you feelrepparttar 150051 need to satisfy notrepparttar 150052 urge but your hunger, select an apple pie or salad as a substitute.

Cut Hundreds of Calories.

Sure you can cut on hundreds of calories on what you eat every day! How? By makingrepparttar 150053 appropriate choices on replacing high-calorie to low-calorie foods, such as cheese, creams, whole milk, butter, etc. Here are easy tricks to keep you cooking and eating minusrepparttar 150054 calories.

When cooking, use nonstick pan to eliminaterepparttar 150055 use of butter and/or oil.

Removerepparttar 150056 fat fromrepparttar 150057 meat.

Removerepparttar 150058 skin of chicken before serving.

Use butter-flavored seasoning on vegetables instead of sprinkling butter.

For casseroles, desserts and sauces, use evaporated skim milk (12 cal./tbsp.) instead of heavy cream (51 cal./tbsp.).

Cook stews and other casseroles ahead of time. Refrigerate. Remove congealed fat before serving.

Choose real orange (71 cal.) over an orange juice (90 cal./6 oz).

For snacks, low-calorie fruits (cucumbers, asparagus, carrots, apples, pickles) are good replacements for crackers and breads.

Use bottled chocolate extract for milk shakes instead of sweetened cocoa.

Use two egg whites (34 cal.) for cakes instead of one egg (82 cal.).

Choose diet margarine (50 cal.) instead ofrepparttar 150059 regular margarine (100 cal.).

Choose cereals withrepparttar 150060 least calories then add fresh fruits to be more nutritious.

In parties, good substitutes for snacks are carrot strips, pickle slices, and raw mushroom caps.

Drip away fats by cooking hamburgers onrepparttar 150061 rack.

Avoid chips with dips. Staying in healthy shape depends onrepparttar 150062 right attitude. So how strong is your will power to controlrepparttar 150063 urge?

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