Herbal Medicine

Written by Ken Shorey

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Folk use of herbal remedies is familiar to all of us in some form or another, because this is how these remedies are learned. Remedies and recipes for herbal teas are handed down from generation to generation and are still remembered and used to this day. Unfortunately, that is what fuelsrepparttar fire ofrepparttar 145301 scientific community and their disdain. It really is their loss, because generations of experience and knowledge should not be so readily dismissed. In fact, many of our modern medicines have their roots in herbal medicine.

With all our so-called advancements inrepparttar 145302 medical field, itís interesting that physicians are still treating "effect" rather than "cause."

Thankfully,repparttar 145303 current changes inrepparttar 145304 world toward traditional remedies is changing forrepparttar 145305 better.

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Whey Protein-Can it Help You?

Written by Joe Serpico

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Who Should Consider Using Whey Protein?

Whey protein has many health benefits including immune support, bone health, sports health, weight management and overall well being.

Because amino acids are 'building blocks' forrepparttar human body it is sometimes used by patients to speed uprepparttar 145300 healing of wounds or burns.

The high quality protein that comes from whey makes it a recommended choice for those who need optimal benefits from restricted diets including diabetics, those on weight management diets and even ill patients not able to consume enough protein in their diet to assist with healing.

Is Whey Protein Dangerous?

Whey protein is a food and so it does not have haverepparttar 145301 risks associated with some other supplements. That said, too much of anything carries risks. Extremely high use of whey protein can overloadrepparttar 145302 liver which can cause serious problems. Moderation is always recommended.

If you are lactose intolerant you might try whey protein isolate which has less than 1% lactose and should be tolerable for most users.

Whey protein is a natural and healthy way to bring protein into your diet and increase well being.

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