Helping Caregivers Get Comfortable Asking For Help

Written by Lois Galloway

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4. Become very aware of your monthly schedule and how others might be able to slip intorepparttar caregiver role and give you a hand. Remember, you must be ready to give them a date, time and duties when they offer assistance to you. Make a list of specific tasks that someone else could handle for you. Perhaps itís hands on assistance with personal care for your loved one or providing transportation to an appointment or activity, administering medications, helping with housework, doingrepparttar 151072 grocery shopping. You may even want to categorize these tasks so it will be easier to help decide who might berepparttar 151073 best person forrepparttar 151074 job.

Itís very important for you to learn to ask for and accept help when it is offered. Care giving atrepparttar 151075 best of times is certainly more than a Ďone man jobí. Realize just how extraordinary you are as a human being and recognize how important you are in caring for your loved one.

Love, honor and value yourself. Remember, by taking good care of your own health and emotions you will in turn be better able to help your loved one and enjoy a happier, less stressful lifestyle.

Lois Galloway is a Professional Coach. Lois is also the founder of Discover Yourself Coaching which specializes in coaching and caring for caregivers. To learn more about how you, as a caregiver can live 97% guilt free, please visit her web site at You can also sign up for the Caregivers Monthly Newsletter.

How to Save on Wedding Catering Services

Written by Ispas Marin

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3. Decadent Dessert Reception or Dessert Party It's appropriate between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM and after an evening wedding. An extensive assortment of rich desserts should be served, and beverages like coffee and tea.

4. A Simple Cake and Punch Reception As long as it's not during meal time you can let your guests serve cake. You can have a simple and elegant cake and punch reception. The planning should be forrepparttar mid morning, afternoon or after an evening wedding. You should make sure that your guests are informed in time that they will not receive a full meal.

There are a lot more ideas that you can find online about how to reducerepparttar 151024 cost onrepparttar 151025 wedding catering services and still have an enjoyable event, just search on google and you'll see.

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