Help keep the computers on Earth clean and healthy: Protect your techno-friends from viruses and ‘sickness’.

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Now forrepparttar heavy protection: Virus scanning and virus protection software, and rescue discs are all readily available and easily utilized. Some are free, and others are obtained for a very small charge. Most software manufacturers offer subscriptions for updating services, which automatically download protection torepparttar 118732 latest viruses.

There are two main types of virus scanning software: one searches through your entire computer files looking for recognizable viral signatures,repparttar 118733 other scans your incoming and outgoing emails. Alerts will show you when a file needs to be erased or repaired. If you do receive a virus that none ofrepparttar 118734 software can repair you can send a copy of it to a company like Symantec who will be happy to develop a cure for it.

The main message here is not to get too worried about your good friend Mrs. PC getting ill or sick. The humans are on top ofrepparttar 118735 case and they seem much better adapted at fixing their technology than they are at beatingrepparttar 118736 viruses that attack our physical bodies. If only we could cure human virus and illness as easily as we solverepparttar 118737 problem of computer sickness.

By Jesse S. Somer M6.Net Jesse S. Somer is an analyst hoping to show fellow humans how farrepparttar 118738 computer age has come in terms of its strengths and weaknesses.


Short story: The Next Level of Humanity

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“No. What happened?”

“ Just after this event, birds ofrepparttar same species all over Europe were also recorded as suddenly having gainedrepparttar 118731 new skill. There was no wayrepparttar 118732 information could have been passed by personal instruction,repparttar 118733 knowledge had spread out geographically over a large area thatrepparttar 118734 small birds couldn’t have traveled in such a small period of time.”

“So Mac, why do you feel this is so important to be telling me that I’m not getting any work done?”

“It’ s likerepparttar 118735 telephone call Pinkus. Humans are more connected than we are aware of. You know who’s onrepparttar 118736 line beforehand because we’re all linked to a field of energy that all of our species uses to learn and grow. Have you ever heard of an invention that appears atrepparttar 118737 same time historically but in two completely different parts ofrepparttar 118738 world whererepparttar 118739 inventors had no contact with each other whatsoever?”

A stupefied look now covered my face. I know this because I’ve got a computer monitor mirror staring right back at me. Why is this crackpot telling me this bull winkle? As if reading my mind with his ‘collective consciousness’ Mac gave it to me straight.

“The big breakthrough is about to come Pinko. You’re right aboutrepparttar 118740 Internet, but you’re not seeingrepparttar 118741 whole picture. Now that a whole lot of us humans are hooked into this new technology it means we are hearing each other’s thoughts and ideas more easily subconsciously. The feelings you have are being transmitted through your blog’s words as well asrepparttar 118742 plain information. The Internet isrepparttar 118743 means for a psychic revolution! It’s going to take humanity torepparttar 118744 next level of evolution.”

I sat quietly and thought to myself, “Psycho revolution more like it! This guy sure is making me feel strange. Uh, oh! -Did I just say he was making me feel strange? Already this collective consciousness idea is playing with my brain.” A weird feeling of calm overcame me. Maybe other humans have gotten used torepparttar 118745 idea and now they’re sending merepparttar 118746 knowledge to relax and take it all in easy and slow. I looked over at Mac. He was looking deep into his computer screen as if it was a set of enchanting eyes and kept whispering to himself over and over:`

“I am you, you are me. Together that makes we.”

By Jesse S. Somer M6.Net Jesse S. Somer is an alien from Kleptar 12 hoping to show humanoidsrepparttar 118747 power ofrepparttar 118748 Internet as well asrepparttar 118749 power ofrepparttar 118750 creatures that’ve created it.


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