Help for Victims

Written by Jim Daniels

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Please reply to this email message beforerepparttar close of business on or we will be forced to pursue further action. We will also expect a full letter of explanation mailed or faxed to our offices.

Thank you for your cooperation.

And closing today's column, here are a few additional tips to help you avoid trouble with unsolicited email...

- If you have an opt-in list, keep EVERY opt-in request you ever receive. I keep opt-in requests dating back years. On several occasions I have been able to provide proof of signup to someone who forgot they joined and accused me of sending unsolicited email. These email "receipts" also come in handy with ISPs and web hosts.

- Keep your email addresses from being harvested at your website by using a tool that encodes your email addresses. It's a great way to cut down on spam and avoid situations likerepparttar 132838 one I ran into! Seerepparttar 132839 following URL for a free encoding service:

- At your site, state your policy on unsolicited email very clearly. It's also a good idea to post reports of any incidents atrepparttar 132840 same area of your site. See for an example of how you can set this up.

Well, this closes a rare, not-so-fun chapter in online marketing. Hopefully today's tip will help you avoid trouble or save you a bit of time if and when trouble does arrive.

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S.1618 - 105th Congress, Unsolicited Email! A Bunch of Bull!

Written by Joe Reinbold

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(A) The name, physical address, electronic mail address, and telephone number ofrepparttar person who initiates transmission ofrepparttar 132837 message.

(B) The name, physical address, electronic mail address, and telephone number ofrepparttar 132838 person who createdrepparttar 132839 content ofrepparttar 132840 message, if different fromrepparttar 132841 information under subparagraph (A).

(C) A statement that further transmissions of unsolicited commercial electronic mail torepparttar 132842 recipient byrepparttar 132843 person who initiates transmission ofrepparttar 132844 message may be stopped at no cost torepparttar 132845 recipient by sending a reply torepparttar 132846 originating electronic mail address withrepparttar 132847 word `remove' inrepparttar 132848 subject line. ------------------------

How many messages citing this "Law" as justification for sending you SPAM containrepparttar 132849 items in Para. (2)(A) & (B). I haven't seen any out ofrepparttar 132850 1000's I received. In fact, in those that I try to send a message back to,repparttar 132851 reply address is usually invalid.

Plus, even though they furnish you with a means atrepparttar 132852 end ofrepparttar 132853 message to "Remove" yourself fromrepparttar 132854 mailings, it is usually a false address or url when you actually try to remove yourself.

This type of mis-information spreads like wildfire once someone makes it up and pretty soon everybody takes it forrepparttar 132855 truth. It is similar to all those emails, forwarded byrepparttar 132856 thousands, proclaiming that Microsoft is going to pay you over $200 for each person you forwardrepparttar 132857 message to.

The use of this statement ofrepparttar 132858 "Law" in sending unsolicited email advertisements does not diminishrepparttar 132859 fact that they are still SPAM no matter how a mailer tries to camouflage his or her efforts. It should also make you think twice, no matter how greatrepparttar 132860 offer looks, aboutrepparttar 132861 integrity ofrepparttar 132862 individual and/or company sending it to you and whether you want to deal with them..

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