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Written by Butch Pujol

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This is especially important for those who operate article, e-book and ezine sites. I personally have visited many of these sites and was shocked to find they had no categories for consumer protection or Internet safety. Visitors look to these sites in order to findrepparttar detailed information they need to make wise buying decisions. While consumer advocates CAN still post their information, they are forced to place it in such categories as “nonfiction” and “general”. The poor consumer is then forced to dig for or accidentally trip overrepparttar 131930 information in order to find it.

Here are three sites that do fightrepparttar 131931 war on unethical business practices and provide easy to find consumer protection and Internet safety education information. In my opinion, they deserve your business.

eBook Palace

The International Council of Online Professionals (iCop™)

eBooks N' Bytes

So by simply adding a consumer protection and Internet safety information (or a link to a consumer advocacy site) in an easy-to-find place, you can help fightrepparttar 131932 war on unethical business practices. By doing so you increase your own consumer confidence and sales.

Either we stand up and fight for our consumers, educate them and enlist their help inrepparttar 131933 war against unethical business practices, or continue to loose sales because consumers are afraid to buy online. The decision is yours.

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Butch Pujol is an online Consumer Advocate who helps you make the most of the Internet. Whether you're a business owner or a consumer, find out more about shopping safely online - and how to get your money back if you have already been scammed. Go to for more info on Consumer Protection and Internet Safety.

Keeping Your Website In Top Condition - 5 Easy tips for maintaining a streamline site

Written by Janet Thompson

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3. If you carry affiliate advertising or other sponsor text or banners, check your management page to make surerepparttar affiliate is still active. A common maintenance problem webmasters face is a discontinued sponsor link. Your surfers end up at a 404 or they reach repparttar 131928 affiliate's home page, but you don't getrepparttar 131929 credit for their click-thru. You can't make money if your affiliate link isn't active.

4. Update time-sensitive information or links. One ofrepparttar 131930 most annoying things for your visitors is to be drawn into clicking a link, only to findrepparttar 131931 topic/contest/offer expired. They may not click next time. Keep your website current.

5. Remember to change your *this site updated on - * date. People will continue on their way if they surf to sites that haven't been updated in forever. Current information and articles will attract readers far faster than material last updated months ago.

With these five simple maintenance tips scheduled into your regular routine, you'll not only cut down on larger upkeep later, but embarrassment from receiving reader email telling you this or that is down. You want to present efficiency and care. Keepingrepparttar 131932 little things fixed is a great way to do just that.

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