Help Search Engines get Smarter, ROR your Website!

Written by Dom Vonarburg

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ROR information can also be displayed on your website in a generic fashion so visitors can quickly and easily find information, withoutrepparttar need to re-learn or rememberrepparttar 128234 structure and navigation of each website they visit. For that purpose, ROR provides an Info Button. The button readsrepparttar 128235 information directly from your ROR file.

ROR simply makes a lot of sense! It's powerful, easy, and very flexible. Not surprisingly, many ofrepparttar 128236 search engines AddMe contacted so far have already shown interest in reading ROR files.

ROR your Website, Spreadrepparttar 128237 Word
Get your ROR file or button at, it only takes a few minutes for a basic file. You can always add more information later.

Help search engines get smarter, ROR your website! Help spreadrepparttar 128238 word by adding this article on your site, or a link to it:

Happy RORing,

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Can Invisible Text in CSSs Slip Under Search Engine Radar?

Written by Lawrence Deon

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Just forrepparttar record you'll find some content management programs employing this very technique. Imagine my surprise when I discovered my PageRank 5 realty site had two sets of Meta keywords on my pages, easily seen when I view Google's cached versions....

I was choked... especially since their user agreement didn't disclose this fact!

Is using invisible text in cascading style sheets good? Nope!

There’s a new school of thought claiming you can use an alternative cascading style sheet (CSS) approach to placing invisible text on your web pages without penalty.

The theory is predicated onrepparttar 128233 premise that you could employ an external style sheet in another directory. There you’ d simply define a special class for a tag like < P > whererepparttar 128234 font and background colors are identical.

The claim is there’s no way forrepparttar 128235 current search engines algorithms to distinguishrepparttar 128236 color codes and penalize you. While this may or may not berepparttar 128237 immediate situation it’s fundamentally WRONG!

Invisible text is invisible text & it's spam.

Since many invisible text tricks utilize CSS positioning properties to hide their contents, you’ll soon see (if not already)repparttar 128238 search engines employing advanced algorithms to find hidden text in CSSs.

If you subscribe torepparttar 128239 CSS theory you’ll undoubtedly be revisiting your strategy or paying later by being blacklisted or removed entirely fromrepparttar 128240 various search engine indexes.

Incidentally, before you rollrepparttar 128241 dice on this one you might want to considerrepparttar 128242 fact thatrepparttar 128243 tool I just referred you to is onlyrepparttar 128244 beta version andrepparttar 128245 developer is already planning to add support for identifying invisible text in CSSs! Just how much more advanced and further ahead do you thinkrepparttar 128246 search engine techs are?

So what does it all mean to you & what should you do?

1.Check your cached pages for invisible text. 2.If you find Invisible text or advertising determine it's origin 3.Read every user agreement very carefully 4.Take action & do something about removing it!

The bottom line lesson here is simple. Trying foolrepparttar 128247 search engines with Spammy tricks or hocus pocus schemes has never worked for long inrepparttar 128248 past. Don't employ unethical spam techniques and don't become an unsuspecting victim yourself.

Lawrence Deon is an SEO/SEM Consultant and author of the popular search engine optimization and marketing model Ranking Your Way To The Bank.

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