Help Motivated Sellers In Your Area And Earn High Profits

Written by John McTighe

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Tap into this group of people in your area. Find these people. Help them out and you will find yourself with a mountain of items you can easily sell at very high profits becuase you have very little invested in terms of money.

How can you measurerepparttar return on your money when your investment is very small or zero?

Here is a list of ways you can find motivated sellers for anything, used merchandise, new merchandise, homes, autos, guns, hobby items, tools, equipment, cars!

1.Place a newspaper ad (major daily) 2.Place an ad in Pennysaver, Thrifty Nickel, Greensheet, etc. 3.Bandit signs 4.Drive neighborhoods looking for "for sale" signs, 5.Call ads with headlines of "Must Sell" or "Motivated Seller" 6.Tax sales and government auctions 7.Estate sales 8.Condemned properties 9.Network with professionals, i.e. attorneys CPA's, REALTORS 10.Network with service people, i.e. letter carrier, pool service person, lawn service person, newspaper delivery person

Some of my favorite methods of finding motivated sellers are:

11.Cleaning people 12.Bird Dogs (give rewards for people that find deals for you) 13.Wholesalers 14.Magnetic car sign 15.Distribute business cards EVERYWHERE 16.Fliers 17.Door hangers

John McTighe has been successfully buying and selling a variety of used personal property for 6 years. He teaches simple systems for buying and selling used personal property that anyone can use to earn high profits. Often times, returns of 100% to 1100% on common, everyday items are not unusaual.

Home Based Work Guide, Working From Home Tips by

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You can control your work flow - that means if you need more money this week, work that little bit harder. if you want to relax, why not go away on that dream vacation?

Sounds like wishful thinking, right?

Wrong. More and more people are opting to work from home. Companies are also encouraging this trend. It makes economic sense both forrepparttar employer andrepparttar 117428 home worker.

The company saves on office or working space. They also save on lots of other related items - like holiday pay, health care, insurance, benefits in kind.

The home worker saves on travel costs - and on travel time. That meansrepparttar 117429 extra hours can be spent earning or in spending more time with family and friends. In other words, creating a good lifestyle - one that most people simply dream about.

If anyone tells you that it's all simple and easy, and that you don't have to put in any effort in working or that you don't need to pick up a few new skills that you don't currently have, then you can be certain that you won't make much money.

Sure - there is real work. Anyone can get intorepparttar 117430 home working job market. But you have to work to earn money. If you don't have certain skills, you may have to learn them. You can then begin creating your dream life. You can work, earn real money and enjoy your leisure time.

Don't be afraid of picking up new skills Don't worry about trying new types of work Don't be reluctant to invest in training if you need it - it can pay for itself very quickly Find experts - don't try and do things by trail and error 

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