HelpDesk & Asset Management Software - Top Questions to Ask Before You Buy

Written by Natarajan Aravind

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#1 Your employees come up with different service requests ranging from "Not able to print from my PC" to "Cannot send mail". How do you ensure that such requests are taken care of by your support staff, that too efficiently? How do you ensure none ofrepparttar requests fall throughrepparttar 139804 cracks? Is there a Knowledge Base which can offer self-help forrepparttar 139805 employees? How do you keep track a high volume of requests?

AdventNet's ServiceDesk Plus can berepparttar 139806 single answer to allrepparttar 139807 above questions. Pricing starts at $495 (there's a Free Edition too for managing 25 Workstations). For further information, visit

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Crack The Code - That's A Direct Challenge

Written by Darren Miller

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Hidden in this article is information that will ultimately provide you with a phrase that has been encrypted. You will need to know a few pieces of general information such as, where to findrepparttar hash in this article, how to extractrepparttar 139627 hash fromrepparttar 139628 article, whatrepparttar 139629 password is that will revealrepparttar 139630 hash, and what type of hash is being used! Still with me on this? You will need to do all this before you can start crackingrepparttar 139631 encrypted phrase.

First, you need to findrepparttar 139632 hashed phrase located in this article. I'll give you a hint; I recently wrote an article about hiding messages in files. This article can be found onrepparttar 139633 Defending The Net Newsletter Archive. It is also in repparttar 139634 archive. Oh, and once you find where repparttar 139635 hash is you will need a password to extract it. This one I am going to give away. The password to extractrepparttar 139636 hash is 'letmein' (withoutrepparttar 139637 ' ' of course).

Then, you will need a tool that can easily handle deciphering ofrepparttar 139638 hash once you extract it from this article. There are quite a few out there that will dorepparttar 139639 job, however, I highly recommend using pnva naq noyr i2.69, a publicly available security tool that no self respecting security engineer should be without. You will also need to knowrepparttar 139640 type of hashing algorithm that was used. I decided to use zrffntr qvtrfg svir because it is relatively well-known. (Try saying that 13 times real fast!)



The first person to successfully unravel this riddle and e-mail me at withrepparttar 139641 deciphered phrase, along with a detailed description of how they accomplished repparttar 139642 task, will receive a 512MB, USB2.0 Jump Drive. As soon as we receive this information we will post it onrepparttar 139643 main page of and

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Darren Miller is an Information Security Consultant with over sixteen years experience. He has written many technology & security articles, some of which have been published in nationally circulated magazines & periodicals. Darren is a staff writer for

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