Help! Which Diet to follow, High Protein or Low Carb?

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Therefore, our individual challenge is to choose a healthy diet after having done a thorough reading. Above all, it is necessary to understand how our bodies function and to selectrepparttar right foods to winrepparttar 105985 battle against obesity. Junk foods are just that … junk food, without nutritional value and mostly high in calories. However, I prefer not to call it “diet,” but a healthy decision to eat healthy.

Hence, it is up to us to decide which diet will work better for us. Onrepparttar 105986 one hand, we feel vulnerable byrepparttar 105987 insane bombardment of diet propaganda and not knowing which one to trust, while onrepparttar 105988 other hand, we think we foundrepparttar 105989 right diet based on their propaganda, but end up disappointed. Consequently, my advice is to research different programs and see how they will benefit your weight loss goal, notrepparttar 105990 other way around.

The most important thing is to eat healthy and in moderation, as well as drink a lot of water to keep our bodies hydrated, exercise at least 3 times a week, and have your nutritional supplements. Avoid excess of saturated fats, use oils containing healthy fat, such as olive oil and canola oil. Over processed food, mostly sugary products, is not a good companion to keeprepparttar 105991 weight off.

Bottom line, whatever diet is working for you, stick to it. Just remember your goal is to keeprepparttar 105992 weight off inrepparttar 105993 long-term -- not for just a short-term. Remember you are not alone; there are many people trying to lose weight and helping each other isrepparttar 105994 most valuable tool. Others have lost weight and keptrepparttar 105995 weight off. I did it, so can you! Believe in yourself, you are special.

Inrepparttar 105996 meantime, just as my nephew Nadeem told me, “What didrepparttar 105997 fast tomato tellrepparttar 105998 slow tomato? KETCHUP!“ Hence, I will KETCH you UP inrepparttar 105999 next article. Right now, I am going to exercise inrepparttar 106000 elliptical for 35 minutes. Your commitment is also my commitment, “Official! Overweight? NO MORE!” We can do it!


Your commitment is also my commitment, “Official! Overweight? NO MORE!” We can do it!


Before starting any nutritional program, exercise or diet program, we advise you to consult with your physician.

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Anna “Overweight? NO MORE!” lost over 80 pounds from 230 pounds and has kept the weight off for 3 years. She believes that every person can achieve a healthier figure with determination, eating healthy, and exercising. "I did it, so can you!”

Sugar Addiction: Weight Gain, Cravings and Genetics

Written by Lazelle Bradley

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Second: thousand of Americans suffer with some sort of assimilation problem, digestive problems or food allergies. Stomach settlers, or anti-acid medications are one ofrepparttar highest onrepparttar 105984 popularity list inrepparttar 105985 U.S. Some ofrepparttar 105986 common complaints are acid reflux, gas and bloating, loss of energy, being overweight ,being underweight, getting hungry soon after eating, frequent digestive problems, elimination difficulty, food allergies and cravings.

Third: It is currently recognized that a significant portion ofrepparttar 105987 American population is allergic to gluten in wheat. Webster’s Dictionary defines gluten as a tenacious, elastic protein substance esp. of wheat flour that gives cohesiveness to dough. Additional gluten is sometimes added for extra rise in breads. The adverse reaction to gluten inrepparttar 105988 body comes fromrepparttar 105989 body’s inability to digest this substance. The undigested gluten forms a sticky, acidic protein paste which linesrepparttar 105990 small intestines, blocking nutrient receptor sites. Nutrients are lost becauserepparttar 105991 receptor sites, through which nutrients are accepted intorepparttar 105992 bloodstream for distribution torepparttar 105993 cells, are blocked. Especially serious isrepparttar 105994 blocking ofrepparttar 105995 minerals which feedrepparttar 105996 glands ofrepparttar 105997 body andrepparttar 105998 glands runrepparttar 105999 body. Calcium is a key controller ofrepparttar 106000 alkalinity ofrepparttar 106001 body. In most cases there are no symptoms untilrepparttar 106002 body is in serious trouble, and thenrepparttar 106003 person is cravingrepparttar 106004 very food that is destroying his digestive tract. There is no medical solution to a mal-absorption issue and therefore, is dietary in nature.

Would you be surprised to find out thatrepparttar 106005 very root of your personal dietary dilemma may be indicated through your blood type, your genetic diseases and nationalities that you do not properly digest gluten?

A body receivingrepparttar 106006 proper nutrition and proper cleansing will balance itself at its ideal weight for health. A person who is adequately fed will be free of cravings, energetic, clear headed and healthy.

LaZelle Blue is a renowned researcher and student of nutrition who holds a Bachelor of Science degree specializing in nutrition. She has done extended research on her own due to the sugar addictions and food allergies she has suffered with for many years of her life. Lazelle offers a gluten intolerant test at, take the test and let LaZelle send you a personal evaluation.

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