Help! My Computerís Being Invaded

Written by Donna Monday

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Your best defense against viruses and spyware is to download a good anti-spyware software program that will seek out and destroy your computerís enemies with speed and precision. And oncerepparttar pesky invaders are gone, youíll want that program to keep up-to-date onrepparttar 145221 newest threats, and destroy those too.

The best anti-spyware software will scan your computer for free so you have an idea of how many spyware invaders are actually hiding inside your hard drive Ė waiting to strike. Youíll be surprised at what youíll find.

Itís such a relief when youíre finally able to surfrepparttar 145222 Internet again with no pop up ads interfering an no waiting for your slow as molasses computer to get from point A to point B due to itís being overloaded with unwanted spyware invaders.

Itís easy to drive those invaders away with only a few mouse clicks. Iíve done it, and you can too. Isnít your peace of mind worth it?

Iíve reclaimed my computer and now Iím able to enjoy surfingrepparttar 145223 Net once again. And, just like in countless space invader movies whererepparttar 145224 world is saved, you can experience a happy ending to your spyware troubles as well.

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Yoda Speaks! 5 Success Secrets of the Master Jedi

Written by Donna Monday

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So donít worry about starting out small with few resources. That will not determine your success. Your belief in yourself will.

ďThe dark side is quicker, easier, more seductive.Ē

What isrepparttar dark side of online marketing?

- MLM scams, pyramid schemes, get rich quick opportunities, SPAM

Yoda knows that we are easily lured and tempted by offers fromrepparttar 145220 dark side.

Who of us has not been tempted byrepparttar 145221 idea of easy wealth and more freedom to enjoy our lives, while lazily sitting around and doing nothing of value to earn it?

Beware ofrepparttar 145222 dark side. It will lead you to a life of empty promises and even emptier pockets.

ďNo! Try not . . . Do or do not. There is no try.Ē

- Make up your mind to take action!

You always hear people say, ďIím going to try to do this or that.Ē The word TRY is very wishy-washy. It allows us to have an escape hatch from taking any action. For Example:

Youíve got a great idea for a web business that youíre really excited about. Youíve done your research and found itís a perfect little niche area that wonít require a lot of start up time or money.

Youíve talked your idea over with several people and theyíre all very enthusiastic and canít wait to see it up and running.

Youíve registered your domain name and foundrepparttar 145223 perfect host forrepparttar 145224 site. Now all thatís left is for you to fill your web pages up with interesting content and your product pictures.

The next day you sit down at your computer and you . . . hesitate.

Youíre frozen by self-doubt.

Finally, you convince yourself that your idea isnít going to work after all. Oh well, at least you tried . . .

Tried to what? Get started?

Yoda is advising his Jedi to not letrepparttar 145225 word TRY be a part of their thinking. There is onlyrepparttar 145226 action word of: Do

You either DO something allrepparttar 145227 way or donít do it at all.

Mayrepparttar 145228 force be with you.

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